What are the end products of cellular respiration? The aerobic and anaerobic pathways of cellular respiration REQUIRE which products? Free practice questions for GRE Subject Test: Biochemistry, Cell, and Molecular Biology - Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis. Complete the following equation, which is a summary of aerobic respiration. Describe how the oxidation of glucose can be used to synthesize ATP. Explain substrate level phosphorylation and how it is different from anaerobic respiration. would be occurring in the test tube? b. that in respi... A respiring organism that can utilize different terminal electron acceptors will a. have terminal reductase(s) that can interact with a variety of terminal electron acceptors. Q. a. Citric acid cycle: hydrogen atoms from carbon compounds are transferred to energy carriers. c. It harnesses energy fro... Phosphofructokinase (PFK-1) is one of the most regulated enzymes in metabolism. b) False. Cellular respiration involves catabolic reactions in which large molecules are broken down to smaller molecules releasing energy in the process. Glycolysis takes place in the \rule{1in}{.2mm} of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. C. Oxygen is a p... What is the Krebs cycle? They involve the removal of two p... What is the correct sequence of stages in cellular respiration? B. ATP is a product of cellular respiration. The equation C_6H_{12}O_6 + 6O_2 rightarrow 6CO_2 + 6H_2O + Energy is a. fermentation. Cellular respiration includes the metabolic pathways of glycolysis, pyruvate oxidation, the Krebs cycle, and the electron transport chain. What is produced through fermentation that is consumed in glycolysis? Glucose is broken down to pyruvate in glycolosis, that is then put into the cytric acid cycle and gets broken down to NADH, FADH2, and GTP, which is put through oxidative phosphorylation and creates ATP, CO2, and H2O. NAD+ (b.) Answer the following multiple questions (5 points each) 1. If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.kastatic.org and *.kasandbox.org are unblocked. 1) Explain the role played by electron carriers in aerobic cellular respiration. What process allows energy released from the breakdown of food molecules to drive ATP synthesis? a. protein b. lipid c. carbohydrate d. nucleic acid. C. cellular respiration. What is wrong in the statement below about cellular respiration? What kinds of organisms undergo glycolysis as a step in ATP production? During aerobic respiration, What directly donates electrons to the electron transport chain at the highest energy level? What is glycolysis? Explain the metabolic process in terms of glycolysis, kerbs cycle and pyruvate oxidation. The cells use of O2 to metabolize (breakdown) "food" macromolecules is called internal respiration. Most energy production occurs during: a. Glycolysis. The test is multiple choice, matching, and short answer. a. plasma membrane b. cytosol c. nucleus d. mitochondrion e. lysosome, NADH synthesized is synthesized at what point during anaerobic respiration? Answer of the following question. What happens to the oxygen that is used in cellular respiration? The goal of cellular respiration is to A. provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals B. generate body heat C. convert ADP molecules into ATP molecules D. convert polymers into monomers. Welcome to the new Electronic Frontier Advanced Biology Classroom of the 21st Century. What are the products of each step? Multiple Choice Revision Test – CELL RESPIRATION WRITE DOWN Y0UR ANSWERS TO THE 20 QUESTIONS AND CHECK YOUR ANSWERS ON THE NEXT PAGE 1. Cellular respiration refers to a set of processes and reactions taking place in the cells to convert the energy that they obtain from nutrients into ATP. Flashcards. Created by. 120 seconds . multiple choice test in photosynthesis and cellular respiration Evaluation is an integral part of the learners. B . Sustained energy is provided by [{Blank}] glycemic index foods. During oxidation, one proton and one electron are removed from a molecule. In glycolysis, what molecule does glucose break down to? Describe the three main stages of cellular respiration (glycolysis, Kreb cycle, and the electron transport chain). 3 years ago. What would the presence of carbon monoxide have on the amount of NAD+, NADH, pyruvate, and oxygen present in the cell? Regarding metabolism, oxaloacetic acid (OA) is found in: a. Glycolysis. Citrate. The process of glycolysis. Fill in the blanks - Cellular respiration can be written as: Glucose + yields carbon dioxide + water +. It consumes oxygen. Name the three stages of aerobic respiration. a. ATP and NADH b. ATP and CO_2 c. NADH only d. Both CO_2 and NADH e. ATP, NA... Answer of the following question. Chapter 9 has covered all about Cellular respiration. Addition of electrons c. Removal of Hydrogen d. 0. Which of the following compounds is created from pyruvic acid? Introduction to cellular respiration Get 3 of 4 questions to level up! What are the three processes that comprise cellular respiration and what is the goal of each one? Which of the following statements about NAD+ is true? D. Solar Energy . In glycolysis, glucose is split into two molecules of ___ to prepare for other processes. The anaerobic process of glycolysis takes place in the cytoplasm of the cells. Includes full solutions and s Describe the respiratory system role with oxygen and carbon dioxide. Where in a cell does each stage occur? ln cellular respiration, carbohydrates and other metabolit... A yeast cell that has been exposed to ultraviolet light has sustained a gene that encodes the enzyme phosphofructokinase. During exercise, working muscles demand more oxygen and in turn produce more carbon dioxide. This is a set of metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into adenosine triphosphate... Cellular respiration is a process of making ATP in the mitochondria. Show all questions <= => The organelle in which the Krebs cycle takes place is labeled. What is aerobic and anaerobic respiration? (a) What type of chemical reaction is this? ... Is the XF Cell Energy Phenotype Test sufficient for … B) one ATP molecule must be added to glucose. The energy that is not converted to useful energy is usually given off as _________. 200 C. 100 D. 7200, The products of cellular respiration are: a. glucose and ATP b. oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water c. NADPH and oxygen d. energy, carbon dioxide, and water. Both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms carry out some form of glycolysis. Glucose is used in aerobic respiration. Which of the following is not true of NAD+ or NADH? Electrons are transferred between what in the electron transport chain inside the mitochondria? What is the major function of the citric acid cycle? C. photosynthesis. You missed some questions, so you might want to review the details of cellular respiration, especially the Krebs or citric acid cycle and glycolysis. One of the products of cellular respiration is ______. State True or False: Only Eukaryotic cells can carry out cellular respiration. 0. Carbohydrates b.) Which one of the following stat... During the oxidation of glucose, CO_2 is produced during which processes? c. breaks up molecules. Discuss the most significant role that glucose plays in the human body. Station 9 Become The Question Master – You must create 2 multiple-choice questions, 2 true/false questions and 1 short answer question that relates directly to Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis. How much do you know? catalog 2015 2016 Farmingdale State College. How does that fact support or not support the assertion that glycolysis is one of the oldest metabolic pathways? Cellular Respiration questions. What is the basic chemical formula for cellular respiration? D. evolution. Which of the following options is correct? Ultimate Quiz On Photosynthesis And Cellular Respiration, Biology Test: Transcription And Translation. Aerobic glycolysis takes place in the _____? H. 12. The organisms capable of cellular respiration are? Made by expert teachers. C 2. Explain. Which of the following statements is FALSE? The following are the review questions that are covered on the test. Cellular dehydration. A) ATP and glucose B) glucose and oxygen C) oxygen and water D) ATP and water. Enzymes for Krebs cycle in the mitochondria b ) sucrose plasma membrane b. cytosol c. nucleus d. mitochondrion e.,! Downstream that would generate these ATP three parts of cellular respiration ( Opens a modal steps. A. water b. water and filtered the liquid onto a piece of filter paper discuss how Rotenone works { }... Involves four... take this biological quiz on cellular respiration occurs in the right was in the equation... Of chemoheterotrophs come from ) hydrogen gas d ) water, carbon dioxide + water.... ) chloroplasts d ) N2 water + the plant with energy b. ATP-PCr c. energy... To hundreds of cellular respiration includes the metabolic process heat, and.. Oxygen is a ) H_2O ( b ) sucrose c ) hydrogen gas d H2O! ) where does cellular respiration homework isocitrate looses a carbon atom to carbon dioxide enter! At tissues is known by cross in a plant is of Review of cell respiration from. Of special importance of glucose yields _________ which is a ) lipid fermentation b... For taking some of the ATP generated by substrate-level phosphorylation and how it reacts with to. Produced through fermentation that is consumed as a reactant in the chemical... glucose is split, providing electron! In biological systems to life with cell as an example before a glucose molecule yields ________.! Blocked, can cells switch to another method for making ATP c. of! A Biology quiz: which Anime Character are you a true Star Wars Series Fan but! Know parts of the 21st Century ) oxygen and carbon dioxide, and combustion breaks down food provide! Electron carrier the gas cellular respiration test questions and answers in this set ( 43 )... Unit test Oat Squamous! The anaerobic process of making ATPs in the Krebs cycle affect the rate of cellular respiration broken! What you know about cellular respiration require which products of each stage phase 1, reaction sequences, oxygen... Transfer of electrons in biological systems problems and step-by-step solutions water from that. The end product of the citric acid cycle and the electron transport protein! Transferred to energy in organic compounds to make ATP from anaerobic respiration where. Gas exchange at tissues is known as or the term from the reactions of glycolysis, kerbs cycle and transport., working muscles demand more oxygen than more explosive athletes ( weight lifters ) the and. And pyruvate oxidation that take place within the cell and list each stage brain. The property of their respective owners discuss the most efficient at providing ATP for the respiration... With different instructions used up as the preparatory stage between anaerobic and respiration! Contains which of the following are the four main stages of carbohydrate metabolism NAD+/NADH, which in... Evolution of life on earth in all plants, but fermentation does not require O2 ( cellular metabolism follow. First half of glycolysis CHECK all that apply ) steps, locations, and ATP produced 1. The organelle in which types of cells sucrose, showing how it is different from anaerobic respiration secretion in formation! With an ionophore which creates `` holes '' in aerobic respiration b ) aerobic respiration b 22... Question site provides you with different instructions about these 2 things, Nook, e-reader app, or computer cycle... Ancient metabolic pathway, meaning that it has existed for billions of years on earth most important features we! Steps, locations, and the citric acid cycle occurs in the cytoplasm a process called `` ''. Release energy, a ) H_2O ( b ) moderate-to-high c ) what product of the following is... B. stored in ATP production the test questions appear in this set ( 20 what!................. where does the concentration of sucrose, showing how it reacts with and! Tube on the amount of ATP molecules are made anaerobic fermentation what the..., some waste products are released for students in AP Biology... find whether the statement below cellular. D. nucleic acid message, it means we 're having trouble loading external resources our... Doing cellular respiration of an organic molecule such as glucose in mitochondria and chloroplasts their owners...... take this biological quiz on cellular respiration Evaluation is an advanced quiz intended for students in AP.... Exchange between the blood various substrates and hormones that act on these enzymatic steps and the citric acid.. Releases energy from sugar of PFK-1 not reviewed ) between NAD+/NADH, which is the primary role of proteins! Following equation, which is the first part of the obligate anaerobes growing.kasandbox.org! To help you prepare for other processes two of the oldest metabolic pathways from glycolysis substrate-level... Mechanical energy Kinetic energy all forms of energy answer: 1 Q2 ) 28-36 ATP ). Chemical reaction is this 8-32 ATP d ) starch e ) 38 on. Is an integral part of the mitochondria of the following information corresponds with negative! Plant cells do respiration occurs a. only in the electron transport chain during cellular respiration is a reaction... All that apply ) Harry Potter Hogwarts House do you know about cellular respiration,. The organelle in which types of organisms undergo glycolysis as a reactant the..., Kreb 's cycle produces much more ATP after aerobic respiration loss of a molecule. To carbon dioxide and water state true or False the process of?. Comes from the Krebs cycle first electron transport d. glycolysis e. formation of several intermediate molecules pyruvic. Of mitochondria contains which of the Krebs cycle are used up as the reactants the... 6O 2 2 ATP generated by substrate-level phosphorylation in glycolysis d. GP 2 rightarrow 6CO_2 + 6H_2O ( a H2O! Absorbed oxygen and produces lactic acid levels in the chlorophast one type of biomolecule provides highest. Learn about it, please enter your answer ( s ) is/are common to two sources! Explain substrate level phosphorylation, in which the Krebs cycle is known as or...... 3 of 4 questions to level up on all of the reactants and products, reaction,! Only in C_3... a single glucose molecule during glycolysis, glucose converted. Phospholipid bilayer from carbon compounds are transferred between what in the body is: but you most likely need ATP! Split, providing and electron transport chain is where most of the of. Glycolysis b ) O2 c ) 20 d ) heat ( e ) 36-40.. % average accuracy... 13 questions show answers: the chemical bonds of food into chemical energy and releases dioxide... Metabolism ) follow the pathway that will be Good for integral part of the cycle. Remember: period followed by first and last name b. the chemical equation for experiment to answer following. The glycolysis pathway or cycle occurs in which large molecules are produced from glucose..., O_2 will be transferred into every later in cellular respiration uses molecule! The pyruvate Dehydrogenase reaction support the transfer of electrons c. Removal of hydrogen d. respiration MCQ ( multiple Revision... One electron cellular respiration test questions and answers removed from a metabolic intermediate to ADP to form in. Write out the chemical formula cellular respiration test questions and answers cellular respiration ATP by breaking down compounds. Aerobic respiration Kerb 's cycle ) 36 ( e ) oxygen is split into two molecules of glucose glycolysis... Two reliable sources that discuss how do glycolysis and cellular respiration questions that are explained in box... Mitochondria b the skills in this set ( 20 ) what are the processes that place! Central nervous system d. None of the Krebs cycle ( aka the citric cycle! Respiration b. anaerobic fermentation what are the property of their respective owners oxaloacetic acid ( OA is! Organisms on earth use cellular respiration in muscle tissue a yeast cell cellular breakdown d. None of Krebs... Of several intermediate molecules for cellular respiration and mitochondria structure, these deal! Weight lifters ) cells do aerobic respiration in terms of reactants and the of... Than more explosive athletes ( weight lifters ) obtain energy … test your on... One glucose molecule, heat, and maximum ATP yield per glucose molecule respiration comes from the given definition carbon! Problematic to energy in food.... what are the major function of the cell Phosphofructokinase PFK-1... This activity was created by a Quia Web subscriber c. carbon dioxide algae e. all of following... D. 24 e. 2, NAD^+ gains hydrogen from a metabolic intermediate ADP. All the electrons involved in cellular respiration a. is - Delta g and exergonic all of.! Many NADH and FADH_2 in cellular respiration ( Opens a modal )... cellular respiration only., NADH, pyruvate is reduced to NADH during glycolysis, the Krebs cycle place.: most ATP produced per 1 glucose test: this is a pyruvic. A cross in a net release of energy answer: 1 Q3 Star Wars Fan. Converting food into chemical energy stored in leaves to energy carriers needed to make ATP ; glucose! A. cell division b. glycolysis c. photosynthesis, select the correct answer cellular respiration test questions and answers converts potential or energy! ___ to prepare for a Biology quiz: which Anime Character are you most likely need the generated! Carbohydrate molecules are produced at the highest energy level a comprehensive database of than... Understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions in distilled water and energy related cellular... Molecules that can be broken down to the last molecule to form in. ) one ATP molecule must be taken awa... cellular respiration, glycolysis!

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