Groundwater definition: Groundwater is water that is found under the ground . When the well runs dry, it will be because the aquifer no longer carries water. Water in the ground, called groundwater, and above-ground water sources like rivers, lakes and oceans can be affected by many different kinds of water pollution. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. Groundwater helps grow our food. Groundwater Sustainability Agencies are local public agencies that are subject to the Brown Act, which governs their deliberations and guarantees the right of the public to participate in the proceedings. Detailed in situ groundwater remediation technology trials, certainly at a research level, are a rarity in the UK. wellhead protection areas around groundwater sources in the weathered fractured aquifer system. permeability. Respiratory illnesses can be caused by the poor air quality and groundwater is subject to some contamination as well, which can lead to a host of health impacts. prosecute polluters of groundwater supplies. What does groundwater mean? +Plus help. Over 95 percent of people living in rural parts of the United States rely on groundwater for drinking and cooking. Mining: Mining can create erosion and sinkholes, as well as contaminate the groundwater. And they aren't "pavers" - they're a brick that, based on it's design allows water to permiate back into the soil, reducing runoff and helping to maintain groundwater, etc. Also, regulation may prohibit the addition of some nutrients to, 30. In contrast, the protein is more readily leached through soil with lower clay concentrations, indicating that it could contaminate groundwater. Examples of 'groundwater' in a sentence groundwater. English words and Examples of Usage use "irrigation" in a sentence The climate of Mesopotamia was harsh, so its people had to learn irrigation to make the land fertile. CASE STUDY 2 BACKGROUND A former inner city heavy industrial site had soil and shallow groundwater heavily contaminated by previous use. Groundwater. Detergents have the potential to contaminate the groundwater. By burying human waste, there is also an increased risk of polluting the groundwater. An enormous amount of detailed technical evidence on, 7. 156 "I can't even see the ground," she said. : water within the earth especially that supplies wells and springs Examples of groundwater in a Sentence There were concerns about contaminated groundwater. Increased consumption of water has led to rapid depletion of. uncountable noun. Even with treatment, the chemicals we use to clean our homes and our bodies can end up in groundwater. How to use water table in a sentence. 37. Keep in mind that groundwater is used as drinking water for over 50 percent of the population in urban areas. Synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals are commonly used as pesticides and herbicides around the coffee plants, and these chemicals leech into the groundwater and pollute the water for the people who live near them. Ripping out deep-rooted forest vegetation and planting shallow-rooted crops is causing, 19. Information and translations of groundwater in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Groundwater in a sentence. On first reading it appears to be a laudable attempt to establish good water quality standards and protect groundwater. ground'wô'tər, -wŏt'ər. Consequently, tubewells that would bring up deep groundwater through handpumps appeared to be an efficient solution for hundreds of villages. water coolers in schools Groundwater Our Hidden Asset - An excellent website showing Groundwater images. Wherever there is a well. The Maui ruling provides new guidance for the courts and is a welcome and positive step forward in the protection of surface waters and groundwater as well. … The water isn't to drink or even use in our toilets but to grow our crops. Groundwater. Provisions for drainage, road pavement, ground water recharge, and artificial ponds are also being made. Impermeable glass was used in the picture frame to keep moisture from the photo. It found evidence of extensive oil pollution of lakes, rivers and, 20. She heard him stretch out on the ground and within minutes his breathing changed. Groundwater is water that is found under the ground. groundwater in the aquifer feeds chalk streams like the Ver. a rock deposit that bears water and is under the ground Examples of Aquifer in a sentence Several people became ill after drinking water from the aquifer located under the chemical plant. Lawn care pesticides run off into groundwater and pollute the environment as pesticide particles are picked up by the wind. Which of the sentences below best expresses the essential information in the highlighted sentence in the passage? 49. Where water is taken from the groundwater system. When is the water year. 90. 22. toxic pollutants in groundwater around 18 landfill sites in East Anglia. It's funny that they ask the cities to ration water when the farmers use almost three-quarters of the water. leached into groundwater over a 5-year period than in the organic systems. BBC News News about water coolers in schools Groundwater Our Hidden Asset - An excellent website showing Groundwater images. New irrigation techniques have revolutionized agriculture in Israel. Energy advected to and from the lake by precipitation, surface water, and ground water had little effect on evaporation rates. Discharge area. Takes an hour for the runoff to get here. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Most of Nichols' farm is enriched through pumped, 5. groundwater aquifer, two fifths of Kuwait's entire freshwater reserve, remains contaminated to this day. The groundwater moved through the aquifer which was close to the Carrigower River, a designated Special Area of Conservation. Over 95 percent of people living in rural parts of the United States rely on groundwater for drinking and cooking. The impermeable rain coat kept water from ruining the woman’s cashmere sweater. 29. Recent Examples on the Web The element can … diagenesis studies then, it would seem logical to sample soil water or groundwater and determine its chemistry. groundwater recharge has begun in some areas. Sandstone, for example, can hold very large volumes of, 17. concentrations of nitrates in the local groundwater, especially to the northeast of Canterbury (in the Thanet area ). About 20 percent of the watershed is in the deep groundwater recharge zone. (0) Water that collects or flows beneath the Earth's surface, filling the porous spaces in soil, sediment, and rocks. An investigation revealed that the mine was polluting both the air and the, 18. 47. Before you decide to install this type of pump check government regulations because it may affect groundwater temperature and in some places regulations will prohibit this. However, the experiment was carried out using groundwater instead of rainwater due to a lack of rainfall during the period of the experiment. It is a growing problem in the developing world as cities increase in population and water use, without adequate pumping regulation and enforcement. We think we can prove that they dumped a lot of waste in their pond up there, and that they’ve known for years that it … The chromium, used to prevent pipe corrosion, was released from 1951 until 1966, but lingered in, 24. Groundwater has usually passed down through the soil and become trapped by rocks. If you live in California, you hear about droughts and rationing water. Once polluted, groundwater is extremely difficult to clean up. Keep in mind that groundwater is … And by sinking a well or borehole into an aquifer, 23. Everyone was living off tens of thousands of years of accumulated. 3. It is also called subsurface water to distinguish it from surface water, which is found in large bodies like the oceans or lakes or which flows overland in streams. Runoff in a sentence | runoff example sentences. I worked for an agency that contracted government projects financed by federal Super-Fund dollars, allotted to clean up the nation’s groundwater. These saline waters get pulled into local aquifers as wells and groundwater supplies are overdrawn. Use "runoff" in a sentence. 2. A FOE survey of available data showed toxic pollutants in groundwater around 18 landfill sites in East Anglia. Sometimes conventional biological reactors are used to clean-up, 12. These examples have been automatically selected and … Where the wetlands add water to the groundwater system. Processes affecting groundwater chemistry in a zone of saline intrusion into an urban sandstone aquifer. The clear implication: depletion of groundwater is making a significant contribution to sea-level rise. meaning. It built the Central Valley Project to rescue the growers from economic suicide by, 28. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 3. A major groundwater aquifer, two fifths of Kuwait's entire freshwater reserve, remains contaminated to this day. See more. Other rainfall enters into creeks that cross the recharge zone, and infiltrates the limestone bedrock. A quantity of groundwater that lies above the regional water table because an underlying lens of impermeable rock or sediment prevents the water from sinking down to the regional water table. The bore is located at the southern boundary of the Project buffer zone, adjacent to Goobang Creek, within the Lachlan Unregulated and Alluvial groundwater source. The groundwater is only feet beneath the city streets. 141. Groundwater is an important component in many industrial processes. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. In Florida, farmers are squaring off against cities for rights to, 13. A well is a pipe in the ground that fills with groundwater. Groundwater is the word used to describe water that saturates the ground, filling all the available spaces. Groundwater can also be extracted through a well drilled into the aquifer. We are still worried about the groundwater mystery, however. Groundwater, water that occurs below the surface of Earth, where it occupies all or part of the void spaces in soils or geologic strata. So where does the runoff go? Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Examples of groundwater in a Sentence. 82. This water can be brought to the surface by a pump. It's difficult to see groundwater in a sentence . subsurface environment of a groundwater protection zone. Water table definition is - a stringcourse or similar member when projecting so as to throw off water. The Committee concluded that, subject to some important amendments and undertakings relating to, 1. Oct 1- sept 30. The map shows that the areas most vulnerable to groundwater contamination lie in the east. An increase in non permeable hard surface areas can significantly reduce levels of groundwater recharge. The Select Committee that examined the Bill took a very close interest in and sought several undertakings about, 25. sentence examples. contamination of groundwater on Saipan, which may contribute to disease.

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