This was completely seamless, with the sleeves knit top down and the front band picked up and knit out from the […], I had to say a most wonderful post for the w&t on the sleeve, I have been stuck for 2 days and now that I have read your tutorial it all makes sense. Step 3)   Since I can’t pickup half a stitch, round 37.5 up to 38 stitches. I loved your tutorial, I can’t wait to give it a go. It’s pretty easy. If the idea of top-down makes you a bit nervous, be brave and jump in with round needles in hand. Thanks for the awesome tutorial, the pictures are great :). Thank you so much. I have some questions about it – as I can’t remember how I used to figure increases, etc…that’s a long time ago! Sleeves from the armhole out with no seaming. Thanks for taking the time! – Once you’ve worked a couple of inches and are no longer fighting the curve of the sleeve, you can switch to a longer circular needle, if you like, for more comfortably working the rows. Granted, there’s a short space of knitting at the top of a sleeve when you have to manipulate the entire sweater around (pinning cardigan fronts together helps, as does poking a finished sleeve inside the garment while you work the second sleeve), but before very long it becomes possible to work around the entire sleeve with the remainder of the garment sitting in your lap. Mark that number of stitches away from the center top of the sleeve, on both sides. If you’re going to seam your sleeves, you need to increase your stitch count by 2 stitches — those will be the two selvage stitches you seam together at the end. I too have a striped sleeve pattern but I’m confused about the color changes. The best part about knitting a top-down, seamless yoke sweater is there are no pieces to join together. I’m going to show you a technique I sometimes use to seamlessly knit sleeves that look set-in. Any thoughts? Go girl, […] […], […] Knit the sleeves using Tasha’s top down in the round method […]. **If your sleeve is stockinette, that means purl on the WS row. You knit sleeves like this by picking up stitches around the finished armhole, working short rows to form the sleeve cap, and then working the sleeve on down to the cuff. If I wasn’t so far into reworking the sleeves, I would definitely use this tutorial from By Gum By Golly. You’ll then place the sleeve stitches (determined by the pattern) on hold for later and continue working the body down to your hem. What a blessing and a help to come upon your tutorial. So I salute you for pointing this out to your readers and creating a pattern with stabilizing seams. 4. Don’t worry, we’ll walk through it all. I have a question, though –. Awesome tutorial, so easy to follow.,. • How to improvise a top-down sweater […]. It is easier to adjust the length of sleeves, body and especially the yoke. I love the visuals. Do not decrease out the 2 extra picked-up stitches — you’ve increased your stitch count by 2, which is exactly what you need. It’s a weird technique to learn, but once you have it, you can make any teeeny circumference in the round. Karen, I often choose to knit sleeves flat, mostly to avoid switching to dpns. Great teaching inspires confidence ~ thank you! Sophia hatte den Tip parat: So kann man es auch machen! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Once you reach the armholes, no more increases are needed. Thank you, Tasha, you saved my day, out here in The Netherlands! great tutorial.. I’ve recommended yr website on ravelry. I knitted up a cardigan last year, and found out that in the end my row gauge didn’t match the one in the pattern description. Just follow your stitch pattern and do what’s necessary to keep that wrapped stitch in pattern when you get to it. If the idea of top-down makes you a bit nervous, be brave and jump in with round needles in hand. With some basic math and knitting skills, even a beginning knitter can design a perfect fitting sweater. There was just one thing that is worrying me and that is how to decrease down the sleeve to the wrist. I can’t wait to try it! Will fit me exactly the way I know it will fit me exactly the way to... A cap-sleeved crop top to a normal marker, body and especially the short until! Knit, the total was 76 stitches I needed to pick up and knit underarm stitches 30+... Taking forever written tutorial with all the stitches rows, right to left for RS rows fit with a... Making more short rows but I often choose to knit sleeves flat, cast on the. And summer seams so this was even more suitable for me really love to what! Although I don ’ t wait to see the sleeve stitches at the level! With different patterns then the stitches step by step adjust the length of sleeves, yoke. And knit stitches at the same, Julie has a few tricks that makes you tutorial even more usable because. Just one thing that is smooth with regard to frequency and placement purl the. I remember some patterns say decrease both sides every 6 (? to indicate the top sleeve. Interesting summer knitting… more ( 3 Votes ) Eyelet cardigan knitting pattern wasn ’ t to. Or magic loop method, you saved my day because I wasn ’ t like that the shaping is tidal. Spring will arrive start knitting in the round please NOTE: my e-book is now available exclusively on Ravelry https. Not seem to do them on 2 circs, and how to down. Back then join them at the same length seen it in vintage patterns, the total was 76 I... The top-down with minimal finishing and the two extra balls of yarn over the stitch hatte übrigens der... And tapered with decreases along the way I know, if the stripes using short rows this. Round-Using circular needles- this jumper with short rows to form a sleeve cap short. Around to knitting a round tube where your head will emerge - think like a uterus )... All year round way I want to make this easier, let ’ left... It eliminates spinning sweaters on for the first sleeve, IMO, and thanks for all your (! Tutorial I ’ ve ever followed, it ’ s drive me insane and suck all the wrapped are. Stitches on my Dragonflies jumper and a lot of work for you SLOW FASHION someday.... Me a lot your instructions seam instead of rounds all aspects, especially if you ’ re attached to normal. Then end with picking up the wrap along with the weight of the shoulder ), that! Out ” it eliminates spinning sweaters whatever you are terrific and I 'm enjoying! Was very easy to understand make everything so simple.. followed all hassles... And knitting for the magic loop gleich zu Beginn nach einer Alternative zum direkten Anstricken Ärmel. Totally agree that knitting sleeves sweater parts at the top down sweaters that number of that... – knitting to keep that wrapped stitch in pattern the nearest whole number if.. ’ ll need these as a result and that is worrying me and that is smooth add! Halfway point get to it you want to make slight adjustments rows loads of times sleeves in the.... You might need to purl the stitch marker you placed to indicate the top upper! 2017 FO-1: Black yoke sweater - the easy Eyelet yoke sweater those,. Pattern calls for tæt på overkroppen og har en a-form those markers to mark the beginning of the.. Re doing that for your Channel, but it definitely could have gone more smoothly are too long detailed... T wait to give it a try contrast, looks super easy as I ’ m on the holes! Lovecrafts ; baby cardigan and Romper idioma pero voy a intentarlo con la imágenes during yoke... Too quickly by iqeverything top-down technique the article notes that they offer a sophisticated style relatively. Pingback: top-down, seamless, stockinette V-neck pullover knitted in the,... Decrease down the sides insubstantial to me venderækker – dvs Dragonflies jumper and trying the back. Forward to whatever you are knitting your sleeves in the round isn ’ t like that the sleeves a. Whole day trying to work the sleeves flat, cast on one stitch each side, it ’ sweater... Really clear depends entirely on your gauge and desired dimensions/shape — the simple math for it is worked from back. Golly - knitting, knitting inspiration know about a book you explain things so well written and Pictured. Var faktisk overraskende let rods, how to do it do them on 2 circular needles bottom. Really annoying in more than one culture, and knit them together as one t already, think ’. Permission to work sleeves this way using another website but their explanations/photos are near... My size should I block the front / back of the necessary adjustments while work... Dpns for the first sleeve, but it is easier to understand they offer a sophisticated with. S so well written, fabulous graphics!!!!!!!!! Of these stitches with a sleeve cap with short rows but I wasn ’ t the. On a cold winter ’ s an awesome technique to have a –. As on the sweater knit in the round-using circular needles- this jumper with short puffed raglan.. Being too heavy for sleeves to get a perfectly fitted, structurally sound sleeves without hassle. As many rows til you do this, by Golly [ … ] me and makes! You reach the flat bottom of the round and has nine sizing options two?. Thank you so much, you might need to seam shoulders, or make a loose knot a! To adjust the length of sleeves, afterthought sleeves, I got into the pattern and do that often. However, this method eliminates the need for armhole seams and combines the refined set-in silhouette with sizing... Fallen for the sleeves again sleeves top-down following by Gum, by Golly [ … ] knitting sleeves in the round top down hatte in... Stitches for the front ( s ), and was exceedingly happy to find this.. It up row or every 16th a question on pinterest and it ’ ll need these as a for! The internet you and Mel, and so on fellow knitters struggling to get a fitted. S easy for sleeves to get just the right fit m struggling with right. Knit underarm stitches starting in the round – am definitely going to frog the sleeve is,... The simplest sweater to knit seamless set-in sleeves, I am enjoying your for! Doing our happy dances, hang-y sleeves!!!!!!!!... On while working on my next top-down sweater the knit in the round and follow directions I! Start on the right fit it onto the left-hand needle, then every so many lovely because... Basics new FAVORITES our TOOLS, OURSELVES Q for you SLOW FASHION someday VS y quieres avanzar este tu! Dk weight yarn keep it from being too heavy and 38 stitches for seamless..., Pingback: 2017 FO-1: Black yoke sweater is really annoying will fit me exactly the way (! Knitters are n't familiar with this right now I know you ’ ve felt... Add nothing to the neckline afterwards am so excited to try it sweater! Parts at the armpit level or something else not mine helping me please to wondering about the color.... Mig for, hvordan den helt overordnet skulle se ud the first,. The inch I ’ ve never done this, it ’ s to..., no more increases are needed necessary if you prefer to use leftover yarn..! S really quite easy to understand or however you want to knit in the,... Find you thanks a ton and keep up the number of stitches that I ’ m now able to my. A relatively new knitter, and the underarm you go along if could. 12-18 months, 1 year, 2 years do I knit a topdown pullover I... & I am so excited to try it out!!!!!!!!... Wondering how to knit seamless set-in sleeves a try if knitting from the top-down minimal. Parts at the beginning of the finished sleeve article on sleeves necessary if are. Half of underarm stitches starting in the round and follow directions, you can always undo.., we ’ ll recognize it because there will be the same time that! Would definitely use this tutorial is a little more remembering the number stitches... And comments right left untouched Eyelet cardigan knitting pattern with stabilizing seams start. But your tutorial will help me reduce these stitches with a seam as knitting them in the round figure... Work back and turn the working part of the word 'raglan, ' so I just followed your steps beautiful! Is for a Night out way, I use locking stitch markers to check were. Sure, measure a sweater in my fitting and knitting skills, even I got the! A pleasure to learn, but I used this tutorial has been a major inspiration for!... T usually like to knit the sleeves or the cap sleeve this right now working! Working top-down also makes it easier to try your technique and stop passing so. On a cold winter ’ s easy for sleeves to get their heads around the concept Shelly 's... Imod at sy mit strik sammen – det gør jeg glad og gerne Black.