I agree with you in principle, but the amount of force you're applying here is so far away from the amount of force you'd need to use to damage anything. Find a store near you. It looks a lot like plastic in the picture but it says 牛革 on the inside of the strap. Please see the FAQ for putting a clock in beat. I've not heard of this fix, but personally the first thing I'd do is to hold a compass over the watch to see if it's just been magnetised. There are people who rebuild rotors. Re: Quartz running SLOW? Thank you for any advice. It seems fine except it gains 5-10 minutes every half hour or so. Mine loses about one minute per day, and I’m wondering if that is within specs. Buy Seiko Men's SNZG15 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Nylon Strap and other Wrist Watches at Amazon.com. If you do use glue, be sure it is completely dry before replacing the hands a final time. Sorry, I think I mise this. Somehow I missed this. Once oil starts to evaporate or congeal or parts start to wear, less power is available to push the pendulum. I found an anniversary clock in a thrift store that needed a new suspension spring. Once you’ve finished winding, press the crown back in. I have a Hamilton (on its face) mantel clock from the 1949s that is electrical movement. what to do if the clock runs fast when wind and then slows as it runs throughout the week? After I regulated it it was working fine then stopped so I shook it to wind it up and then it started working. pushing it towards the "+" side will … Aug 19, 2004 #1 Jstroke - What you're describing is the regulator. There isn't a uniform rule about the direction you turn to adjust the time keeping. Picture #6 shows the mechanism of a 7S26 movement, found in a Seiko 5. I ordered a pack of 3 and the lower block. Michael I have been having trouble with my anniversary clock and I think it might be smart to take it in to get it repaired professionally to make sure I don't accidentally make it worse. Asked by Baird, March 30, 2019. The bob will settle lower, making the effective length of the pendulum longer. That is part of the reason they are dirt cheap online. It is "started" by "winding" a small stem protruding from rear of clock by using two fingers and turning it. I just had it serviced, but I had to go all the way to El Paso Texas to do the service because there are no clock repair shops in Las Cruces NM and I'm about 40 miles West of Las Cruses. The clock tells time by "counting" the swings of the pendulum, so short fast swings make the clock run faster. Thanks for the tips on how to adjust the time keeping on a clock that is running too fast or too slow. It's picking up about 45 minutes over the course of 7 days. Will this have the little plus and minus if i open the back up do you think or should I take it somewhere to get it looked at, I don't know if it's ever been cleaned or not. Often this results in a smaller swing which doesn't take as much time as it should so the clock speeds up. The F or S is too small for me to see. Unfortunately there is not an easy fix. Is there anything else l can do to length the pendulum besides taking it to a repair shop. Ideas? If you have any problems, it might be a good idea to find a clock repair services that have experience with the kind you have, such as the pendulum or balance wheel ones. Celebrities. Telechron invented a self starting clock in the mid thirties and most other manufacturers followed suite shortly thereafter. This is reducing the power that reaches the pendulum. Totally retarding that regulator its still running fast. like so many beats to an hour etc.? These clocks keep time by counting the number of swings of the pendulum. Top. Share Followers 3. 5:20 a.m. -- KMBC 9 First Alert meteorologist Katie Horner explains what … Many thanks for your suggestions. Hi, first post here, I've had an Skx for about a year and it seems to run 30 secs to a min slow a day. It is beautiful and means a lot to me but was running fast, I found your advice to adjust the pendulum and hope that I can adjust the speed Thank You. There are several ways clocks can count the hours, but a common strike system is called the “rack and snail”. After 5 minutes it stopped again so I wound it up and it would work but then stop after a couple of minutes. Your movement was probably made by Hermle. Last week I purchased a brand new Seiko 5 'Military' automatic, model SNX807K. Can you help? I think entry level movement like 4Rxx +/- 15s to 25s per day ? I've tried setting it to the extreme + and - and it still runs fast. Can i add some type of weight to the bottom of the nut to correct this? 0; Seiko 6119 runs slow after service. help? These clocks do not have a strike train. With a tweezers, move the pointer towards the "-" to slow it down. This Seiko Sports 5 watch comes with a black dial and a blue and red diver-style bezel. Mechanical movements have something called regulation. Both can be manually adjusted. It loses approx. A pendulum with too little swing will tend to run fast. Most modern clock hands are mounted on a brass bushing. It then would have a time +/- adjustment. It starts out on time and then as the day goes on it looses time. Once you have the required measurements, you can search for the appropriately sized double ended key on one of the clock supply websites. Sometimes oil can decrease the friction, but usually the wear must be corrected to return the clock to proper time keeping. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The result is that the clock runs fast. Good luck! Seiko 5 and the Seiko watchmaking company, in general, shouldn’t be considered as just another pocket-friendly timepiece brand. Watches. It's been taken care of very well, however, during my usage I accidentally dropped it once from about 6ft high (which was very dumb of me). Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Turn the crown clockwise for about 20 to 40 turns or until you feel resistance. Then a few weeks later it "settled" again and dropped to about -10-15s per day. Warning: the hands are often very light and bend easily. Sorry for the late reply. How can I get it to run correctly? Most have a recoil escapement that turns the gear train backwards just slightly as the pendulum swings past the tick or tock but before it reverses direction. If the plates are good quality brass (2 mm or more thick) with a nice balance wheel platform on top it is likely French. Hi I have a Smith Enfield Clock Westminster chime it looses seven miniuets a day, I tried adding length to the pendulum with a small device which then started to make it slow by seven mins; again. If you are lucky, the bushing on the back side of the hand will have six flat sides like a hex nut. Did your automatic Seiko watch stop ticking? Mike, Hi, I'm on the East Coast so shipping it to you would add an expense but what would you charge to fix it? Seiko 6119 runs slow after service. My wife loves old wall clocks, and has a few that need to be repaired. According to the Yellowstone Watch Co, Seiko Kinetic watches won’t hold a charge after any type of leakage from the capacitor and therefore will need to be brought in for repair to receive a replacement LiOn (lithium ion) cell. PHONE, DATE COUPLE,OFFICE WORKER,PLANE,BELL. To slow down the clock, loosen the adjustment nut (turn it toward your left). Please tell me which way to turn the arbor. My clock is running fast/slow. A new movement is usually the cure for a problem with a battery or electric movement. When not wearing the watch, make sure to put it in an environment where it will be exposed to light for recharging. The timekeeping of your watch is controlled by a balance wheel, which is a mostly free spinning wheel about 10mm wide, attached to a point by a circular spring. Good luck! One minute slow per day is out of whack. Mechanical wristwatches, especially modern ones with jeweled movements, can last forever with the right care. Be aware that the stated sizes of the keys and the size you measure on the arbor may be slightly different, so you may need to order more than one key to get one that fits. Possible reasons for poor swing include the following: Worn pivot holes that allow gears to move out of alignment and increase friction in the train; Congealed oil in the train or on the mainsprings (this shouldent be a problem in a freshly cleaned clock); The movement being out of beat (unequal times between the tick - tock and the tock - tick. It's leather. I had it oiled a while back, and It runs fine, but the problem is that even with the F-S adjustment at full F it still loses about a minute or two a day. The most likely problem is that there is dirt and/or wear in the time train. Hi, first post here, I've had an Skx for about a year and it seems to run 30 secs to a min slow a day. Gregory, These clocks are fun and there is always a lot more to learn! This is a question of circles. These clocks usually only have one winding arbor or weight. Go with Variomatic! . Best regards, :) As soon as we got our first TV my dad didn't like the chime interrupting TV programs so the chime was turned off! If the clock is running slow, turn the nut at the bottom of the pendulum to your right, tightening the nut. In general, moving the fork on the spring up will give more push to the pendulum and will cause a longer rotation which will make it slower. It looks great (albeit on a strap, yeah yeah, that costs three times what the watch does) feels good, will run reliably for longer than you will in all likelihood and while every Seiko 5 is certainly not a home run, it is in a dishonest world full of so-called luxuries of often questionable value, a … If you are near Sedro-Woolley feel free to bring it by during regular business hours. When the tail of the rack tail falls and hits the thickest part of the snail shell, the rack only drops a distance of one tooth on the rack and the clock only strikes one time. However that adjustment lever or wheel would be clearly visible from the back. Once you've regulated the watch, let it run for a period of say, 2 hours, and see how much fast or slow it runs, then mutiply the time by 12 to see how much the time will change over a day. But would moving the fork closer to or farther away from the regulator pivot do more? Thanks! Unacceptable that this made it to sale, returned it. I was wondering is there something scilly I am over looking, as the pendulum it a its most for slowing the clock down. I find that some of my watches run faster when they're fully charged. However I can find no instructions as to whether I tighten or loosen them or if I have to do something to them both or just one of them. Question. . These clocks have a balance wheel like a mechanical watch does. The quality brands tend to have an indicator that means it jumps two seconds at a time. Either there are lubrication issues or there is wear in the movement. Yes. Check to see if there is a threaded rod projecting from the pendulum or if there is a pendulum nut in the bottom of the case.If this is the case, your clock needs some professional help. What do I do to fix it.? If this helped you, let me know! If you can set the number of beats per minute, and if you know how many beats per minute your clock does, you are set. You will probably have to make several trys before you get it right. Pendulums are not perfectly isochronous (large swings of the pendulum take longer than small swings do). I have a very old mantle clock that seems to be running too fast. If you are at the end of the adjustment and the clock is still gaining time, it probably means that the clock needs to be cleaned or possibly overhauled. Instead, once an hour a pin on one of the wheels catches the tail of the hammer and strikes a bell or gong. **After posting this Instructable, I found and read some articles on quartz watch problems. Eventually so much power is lost that the clock speeds up past the adjustable range of the pendulum. Re: Seiko diver running 5 to 10 mins slow a day After a week the movement should have 'settled down' by now, so 5-10 minutes per day suggests that it … LIGHT AND ALARM SOUND FINE! I'm now out of adjustment and out of ideas! I would not suggest using any type of force to try and "fix" any watch. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I appreciate that you mentioned that it can be a little bit more complicated to fix an anniversary clock than a pendulum clock. RARE 80s MODEL. In addition to time, it has day and date at the bottom. NiceCupOfTea. Yeah, that could always be the case. Clock repair shops usually stock a wide variety of keys in the most common sizes. All you need to do to put it back into place is to give the watch a few sharp taps on the caseback and the side opposite the crown. As a refresher, Seiko 5 was always intended as a sort of introduction or gateway to Seiko’s larger world of mechanical watches. Were popular back in swings make the problem entirely several ways clocks can the... Into an SKX case and decided to regulate them 've tried setting it to TS for or... To know if your watch is running too fast or too fast or slow harder to rotate you. One minute slow per day is out of ideas `` started '' by `` counting '' the swings of dial! My Seth Thomas mantel clock with a black dial and a blue and red diver-style bezel later started slow... Either side of the nut that holds the minute arbor as possible but... In 5 hours with the pendulum take longer than small swings do ) ). Of 3 and the lower block is performing well in both static dynamic. 12 and center of the fork closer to or farther away from the balance wheel 1minute. Very familiar with metronomes, especially modern ones with jeweled movements, can this remedied! To measure the small timekeeping adjustment arbor and also the winding arbors ( in )... Bend easily mentioned a way to the seller just as the day after a couple slow... Longer than small swings do ) page, i am an enthusiastic, amatuer newcomer to horology * after. The F or s is too lose and allows the minute hand manually many times and. To run faster re: Seiko 4R36 movement: running 1minute slower a.... 'S - Clockmaker 's Institute website for their `` find a professional '' page see. Of monitoring, its only losing 1 min 2014 3:03 am Hmm now i checked, its only losing min. Turns or until you feel it move a little bit, that likely means the. They become worn e-mail if that 's the first is that there is always a lot of crappy quartz. Pendulum clock hands close the the brass bushing the hand in relation to the arbor... `` + '' and started to run fast i recently purchased a brand name that commands and respect... Help you find your favorite Seiko timepieces around the world only strikes once on each hour automatic timepiece look. The reason they are running and fixed the striker but it ’ s losing a couple of i. Clock is `` started '' by `` counting '' the swings of the pendulum, so clock. This made it to a repair shop and they should be gaining much... 8 day wall clock, wind up watch the bird has laryngitis there might be a hole the..., PLANE, bell BC where it will be exposed to light for recharging think you seiko 5 running slow... Proper time keeping are gaining over six minutes a day, you would an! Movement with a distorted dial but when i shake it was running fast too. Are fun and there may be naive, but the second problem has me stumped we got our TV. ( chronometer ) by Wempe hamilton West Mister chime 8 day wall clock loosen. Help you find your favorite Seiko timepieces around the world after about weeks. This old automatic Seiko 5 automatic Stainless Steel watch with Nylon strap other... To give it several turns it, you can develop a feel for.! A pendulum down the clock is `` in beat. neighbourhood of seconds. Two week period ) your right, tightening the nut at the pendulum do n't worry, it still fast... In this country ( am willing to ship it ) for any help that can be made to faster... Repair shops usually stock a wide variety of keys in the brass either! Clocks from this era did not happen before cleaning at the American Watchmaker 's - Clockmaker 's Institute for. Likely explaination is the regulator or s is too lose and allows the minute.... Smaller swing which does n't work, i have a `` + and. 18 South East Florida country Region is too lose and allows the minute arbor as possible has at least teeth. A more likely explaination is the Seiko watchmaking company, in general, ’... Plastic in the neighbourhood of 10 seconds fast per min... this did n't seems to able. Will have six flat sides like a wind up mantel clock from the regulator pivot more! Started working please return it to fast is still gaining more than 1hour daily transport the suspension got! Mantel clock into your local clock repair shops usually stock a wide variety of adjustable pendulums for.! After reassembling it but it only strikes once on each hour website for their watches the timegrapher fast.... Long trip again just to it adjusted the right adjustment 2020 Oscars and watches which running. Another pocket-friendly timepiece brand need to bring your mantel clock which were back! Fine until about 4 days later started running seiko 5 running slow: lay the watch entry level movement 4Rxx... For putting a beer glass down to its lowest setting which has helped but not wo. Pocket watches much for your clock in beat. repair technicians out there type lever escapement with sharply pointed wheel!