In case of advantages & disadvantages essay, you need to think of 2-3 advantages and 2-3 disadvantages of the given issue. Thanks Emma,i got 80.but i am going to try different way of expressions.thanks a lot ,take care. Brilliant. In some societies it might have a negative effect on your career path is a drawback as well An argument in favour of you is you teach so well. Well, that’s because in my poinion my English skill is not good enought and I need to learn a lot of things!!)) Thanks Emma, good lesson. Well this are the advantages and disadvantages of learning English so late, oh if I had be more focus in the high school ….! At the same time, there is concern about its impact on local inhabitants and the environment. Thanks Emma. Thanks, Emma. Hi Adam, i really have problem with my oral english. Thanks Emma.A good point of watching this video was I can’t find an objection in it. Let’s have a look at that newspaper. Rowan: A newspaper - that’s a bit old school. True b. False… Ty emma, Hi, Emma…….nice lesson, kindly add more quizes. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decided to do this. In this week's Premier Skills English Podcast, Rich is buying a car. Please give me some tops as my teacher . Cheers! Are you OK? Thankyou Miss for lesson today, I realy-realy love and interesting with you lesson :). Well. Here we go. It’s really useful to me. Listen to the roleplay again to hear how Rich, Rowan and Jack used these words and phrases. Jack: In the Premier Skills English podcast, we talk about football and help you with your English. I can work from home. If you give more than 2, it can easily turn into a list, which will lower your task achievement score. Lovely Premier Skills English. I wish to see you one day in this big city. I had to get towed to the garage. Here is a look at the various disadvantages of newspapers: Advantages and Disadvantages Phrases- The same or different. A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach Advantages and disadvantages, shared by English language teachers. Jack : This type of language is very useful but it’s especially useful if you ever have to take an English speaking exam. Thank you, Emma. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. 7. As english teacher for non native I don't think it is an easy task dealing with all this arrogant players. Such organizers are particularly useful in helping students grasp abstract concepts. Thanks Emma, Learned some Well words of Advantage and disadvantage. To find out the advantages and disadvantages of teaching English vocabulary by using games to the third graders. When it breaks down it’ll be expensive to repair and don’t even think about the insurance. A grey Ford Mondeo. I think an argument in favour of living in the countryside is that’s quiet. Describing Advantages and Disadvantages- The same or different. We can say things like one good point is or another positive point is. I didn’t have a crash. Thank you very much. Global issues (PDF) 6 Brainstorming offline learning vs online learning (with answers) This is an exercise for discussing the advantages/disadvantages of online learning and offline learning . Because lots of people consider him the **** rapper This week’s answer is MVP. whereas the cons are lack of space and cost of living and pollution is a minus. Houses and flats. Government corruption has a negative __________ on society. It was the first time I see you on, but Sure not will be the last. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz. Have you got the money? Maybe I could use this acronym to describe Alan Shearer or Thierry Henry in the Premier League but maybe most people would choose Pele, Diego Maradona or Lionel Messi. Thanks, it´s a great class. Take notes of new phrases and brainstorm some other ideas how people can benefit from using the Internet and possible disadvantages of that. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It ticks all the right boxes. Did you crash? The phrase we are looking at in this episode is to go down like a sack of potatoes. The downside of this case is high renting fees, air pollution, noisy environment. I got 90 out of 100 marks. Thank Emma for your lesson! Here’s situation one: Rich: Guys. It seems very important for my communication! I have good reasons to study and have learned a lot with you. Rich: We only used the word advantage once in the roleplay, because as I said it can get repetitive if you use the same words all the time. Upsides of living in the city center provide easy reach to the school ,office and market etc. Jack, Rich and Rowan look at modal verbs of deduction and Geoff the groundsman is looking for a thief in this week's roleplay. Usually in task 2, you discuss about a topic by analysing the advantages or the disadvantages or both. your accent is very very good. Rowan: And I told Rich I can only see upsides to getting a sports car. One plus is that you will meet new people and make new friends easily. You’re also a very good teacher. Benefits and drawbacks of Jack getting a job : One plus is they feel themselves as a part of Liverpool fans. a benefit a drawback I killed the quiz. Rich: To weigh something up is a phrasal verb which means to think about the good and bad things about something so you can make a decision. What’s the other option you’ve circled. 3) Rowan want to live in the center but the disadvantage is the rental prices which are very expensive. Rich: That’s right. Thank you for teaching us. Thanks mam Emma .I like very much your teaching .You are the best teacher for me. Jack: It’s one thing when you’re on holiday but one drawback is the weather. Thank you Emma for these very useful lessons! 4) The question asks for advantages (plural) and disadvantages (plural). really I do make use from your lesson. Rich: To tick all the boxes means to have or do all the right things to make someone happy. Rowan: Let’s have a look at some of the words and phrases we can use when we talk about the disadvantages. Thank you Emma for this informative lesson.Thanks to your lesson I will not have to use the phrase that start with There are many advantages and disadvantages of or pros and cons about when I need to write any essay I would like to use there are many upside and downside of or about which preposition should I use for this of or about ? Very useful video. Here’s an example: Rich: I know the sports car doesn’t have space for my family, it is super expensive and really bad for the environment but on the plus side I will look so cool. Rich: And here it is. In English, we often need to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of something. A pleasure to hear from you Rich. Suitable for pre-reading and/or pre-writing activity discussing the advantages and disadvantages of eLearning Created using the vocabulary quiz generator of iSLCollective. The ______________ of living in a big city is it's often noisy. Hi teacher Emma One drawback is that large cities are expensive. 2. I liked the explanation about the correct pronounce of the word “criticism”, really you the beast instructor in this website, thank you emma for your videos!! And I think it's an abbrev for Thanks Emma, you’re amazing! 1426 Words 6 Pages. Each player has more or less an equal chance of getting the ball. Hello Emma , Jack: And another argument against a sports car is that they’re super expensive to run. Rich: If you haven’t heard last week’s podcast it’s called Who stole the oranges? :). i can say english depends on pronunciation for being understandable!!!!! Advantages / Disadvantages / Opinion. In this lesson, you will learn words that have the same meaning as, How to talk about children: Common Expressions, IELTS & TOEFL Academic Vocabulary – Adjectives (AWL), IELTS & TOEFL Academic Vocabulary – Nouns (AWL), Speaking English – How to talk about borrowing, lending, and property, English Vocabulary – How to talk about money, English Vocabulary – Assure, Ensure, Insure, How to write a good essay: Paraphrasing the question, English Pronunciation Practice: CONSONANT CLUSTERS, 8 AWAY Expressions in English: go away, run away, right away…. What should I write:”an argument in favor (or favoUr) of…”? I think you could get a tattoo you and your friends because the occasion is worth it but be aware of the location you choose on your bodKesha as it shouldn’t be easily exposed while wearing formal clothes, 2. Before embarking on college many young people are advised that a year working or travelling may be a good option. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Please! And the worst appears when you compare the money you receive. Jack: Right, that’s all we have time for this week! An advantage is like a head start in a race; it's that thing that gives you a better chance. All the words in bold mean the same (disadvantage). Decide if each group of phrases below have the same meaning (=S) or different meanings (=D). You got 8 correct out of 10. Hope to see you in Thailand. Do the disadvantages of international tourism outweigh the advantages? i have some problems for writing. THanks for lesson, i think this should be useful,like the others obviously… It was also great to see many of you having a go at last week’s task. Rich: Quicker than the bus that’s for sure. Thank you. Comprehension. One upside: in a big city there’s lots of stuff to do for free! Premier League has a different taste with Premier Skills English :), Vocabulary: Phrases to talk about advantages, Vocabulary: Phrases to talk about disadvantages, Task: Give advantages and disadvantages on three topics. Disadvantages: Bag of words leads to a high dimensional feature vector due to large size of Vocabulary, V. Bag of words doesn’t leverage co-occurrence statistics between words. It is very beneficial to me for my exams..:), Thanks Emma. This final project was written based on the job training done by the writer in Top school Elementary School, Baki … You will gain every day all the time you used to spend commuting from home to the work place. This lesson will help you expand your vocabulary as well as prepare for the IELTS Speaking and Writing test. Many subjects to learn. I think it’s the first time you’ve been first with the right answer. 2. Have a look at the following sentences that we used in the roleplay and think about the phrases in bold: One advantage is that you’d get to work quicker in the sports car. Rowan: But if you do listen on Apple Podcasts you can always write answers to our questions or any other comments in the review section. I passed the test by the skin of my teeth,luckly,i have not flunked the quiz. Rowan: But, after you’ve taken the Mazda for a spin, right? Disadvantages of Newspapers: While newspapers offer numerous advantages, they also have their set of disadvantages. Modals of Deduction: Who stole the oranges? In English, we often need to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of something. I think the main benefit is that you’d look great in a Mazda MX-5, RIch. We were talking about the advantages and disadvantages of the cars. Rich: You’re probably right. Strategic Alliance Vocabulary, Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages Strategic: cooperation with rivals Costs: one opportunity may close the door to an even better financial deal Political: cooperation with foreign companies to gain local favor Uneven alliances: one company may have more power than the other The job is an upside as you are confortable in your own house which have lot of comfort and equipment. Thank you Emma. Jack: Yeah but the downside is that he’s going to have to fork out for a new car. It’s always raining. Jack: It’s cheap because it’s a bargain. Hi emma. This week I think it could be "****" for "******** ** *** ****". i am reall happy when my teacher is from british Lack of vocabulary is a huge drawback for those who want to speak a foreing language . best regards • Well done, Mobeckham! Useful lesson :). This leads to many negative aspects in conversation as stumbling over words and monotonous speeches . Rowan: I remember renting a convertible once. the good point of this video is very useful. By the way, EngVid is a priceless website. A V.good question … ADVANTAGES CAN BE : improves brain connectivity. empowers you to empathize with other people. Don’t forget to write your answers to our questions and make a guess at our football phrase in the comments below. lowers blood pressure and heart rate. empowers you to empathize with other people. I think a positive aspect of living in a big city is that you may have more opportunities to work and pursue a better life. They then rank the issues1-10 in order of importance. Jack and Rowan also spoke about eh disadvantages of the car that they thought Rich shouldn't buy. sorry to bother you. Translation method helps in the rapid expansion of vocabulary of the students as it avoids difficult definitions or lengthy explanations. Only engVid members can ask questions and comment. Jack: Three. • Thanks a lot, the lesson was awesome. Jack: I told Rich that another negative was breathing in all that pollution when he’s in a traffic jam. You will definitely need to do this at work, on tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL, and also in everyday conversation. However, teaching English through English movie also has some bad effects or disadvantages. i hope engvid will be my cornerstone to accomplish the tofel. During the roleplay, they spoke about the advantages of the car they thought Rich should buy. Thanks a lot EMMA. Yeah, that’s definitely a minus, isn’t it? Congratulations!!! Response demonstrates understanding of the topic. On the plus side, there are plenty of job opportunities to choose from. Emma’s support for english learners is really immeasurable. Thanks Emma.After your lesson i’m going to estimate all things i face today.and find out their advantages and disadvantages. The week's football phrase is: **** (******** ** *** ****). thank you. We’re also thinking of a house outside the city but then I’d have to commute. Jack: All these words can be used to replace advantage in a sentence. increases your vocabulary and comprehension. I can only see upsides in getting the Arsenal job frankly, 3. Vocabulary for advantages & disadvantages Flashcards | Quizlet Jack: Last week’s football phrase was * *****-*****. Response accurately identifies Elon Musk’s leadership style and is mostly supported from the case study. According to Wang 2010 flashcards can stimulate visual memory. it is really helpfull for me, because i had always been finding diffrent synonyms for advantages and disadvantages to use in my IELTS academic writing. I wanna know how to get phrases please, thank you.Maybe some book? 3. 4) The question asks for advantages (plural) and disadvantages (plural). The downside is the lack of resources in rural areas not to forget another negative which is staying faraway from groceries , medical facilities , banks ...etc The vocabulary listed here is mainly designed to give some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside. The instructions for the teachers are in... 6,462 Downloads . Jack: I wanted him to buy a more practical car that had more space and was reliable and not too expensive. You are a very good Teacher, Emma! have a nice day. Another negative is deleting tattoo causes so much pain if they decide to give it up. Where should Rowan and her family live? Rich: Your task this week is to listen to three different situations where someone has a decision to make. A sports car. Toronto is one of the terrible cities that I know for getting a job. He's looking at two very different options. EngVid is a priceless website that teaches the English language to people from practically every corner of the globe. Another negative is breathing in all that pollution when I'm in a traffic jam. The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad have to be weighed up when making a decision about whether or not to study abroad. The vocabulary is economically and effectively acquired. very good ….it’s more benefit for me The first disadvantage is that all this drawing will spoil their skins. I’m really not sure ... Jack: What are the advantages and disadvantages of Rich and his friends all getting a tattoo to celebrate Liverpool’s nearly certain Premier League title win? A frequent cristisism I have in mind is that traditional english courses often teach not enough synonyms . Going to the pub would be a great idea and inviting friends for a dinner a late night club outdoor would benefit every one. Rich: But I said that getting a grey car was definitely a minus for me. Advantages and disadvantages of a multicultural... By Mirita1959 Can you help me have and,has to different for that Emma. An arguments in favour of this is that I notice that my skills in writing, talking, grammar is better than month ago…. It’s cheap, it’s reliable and it has lots of space. Nice lesson Ms.Emma….. Hi Teacher. I had to pull over to the side and stop on the hard shoulder. It’d be brilliant. I should like to wish you and your family a nice happy Easter. Yep! I’m a stranger here. Thank you for teaching us and thank very much ENGVID.COM to give us to learn English. This is my first time when i’m writting here and it’s very exciting for me!!!))) I’m thankful for all the effort you put in the process. Thanks !!!! Thank you! Thanks Emma and carry on . Rich: A lot to get through today! Thank you Emma. Thanks Emma, this gives me a lot of benefit, hello emma im very glad to join your website it helpful. Rich: Yes, well done to all. I finally learned to pronounce “criticism”. Do the disadvantages of international tourism outweigh the advantages? Thanks Emma, it is quite useful lesson in order to use synonym to enhance work of various vocabularies in use, what does have an objection to V-ing mean? Jack: The price definitely and probably the colour. About the end of the words that end in (ism)I had heard some people saying and I got surprised about the sound, beacause in Brazil words ended in (ismo)sounds like (izmu): Example : fanatísmo i am very happy to learn and make some test, it is my first time here, but not the last! aids in sleep readiness. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Rich and his friends all getting a tattoo to celebrate Liverpool’s nearly certain Premier League title win? Thank you very much. It was brilliant and everyone was dead jealous I could tell. 2. Thanks Emma, and you are right regarding the Brazilian pronunciation over the word “criticism”, very nice tip. To find out the advantages and disadvantages of teaching English vocabulary by using games to the third graders. I’m glad to know help in teaching .I’m new one.therefore there are many things i don’t know in English i hope you’ll arrange these for me thanks. The advantages and disadvantages of using flashcards in vocabulary teaching in the classroom are presented in the following parts. Hehehe. These superstars are incomparable. And I should know because I’m an examiner! i have a suggestion for you, that if you ever want to clear the IELTS or TOFEL* exam, then you should stop using contractions in your sentences. In the roleplay, Rich said he had to weigh up the pros and cons of the two cars he was looking at. Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures. We might also use phrases such as on the negative side, on the minus side to talk about the disadvantages. We can use this word as well as other words in the category of advantages?? Skype :, I thought upside is not one of advantages xD. This essay will suggest that saving money is the biggest advantage of this and a reduced motivation to study is the primary disadvantage. They’re like buses - you wait ages for one and then three come at the same time. Despite all those advantages, 1 in 4 people still lived in poverty despite all the spending. Rowan: We often use these phrases to make a contrast with a positive thing we’ve been speaking about. I got 90. I got 8 of 1 :) This is really useful for me. My skype name id sony.hasan5, You are explaining very well. I’m too happy of that. Rich: Not correct, Rowan. an argument of doing the quiz is that you can practive and learn more (vocabulary in context), and, in this one, is that you have to pay attention of the spelling. Jack: The first listener to get it right last week was Wsanta from Argentina! 2) Look at the way advantages and disadvantages have been paraphrased. … Rich: I got the bus. good teacher! Its easier to choose the correct phase but while making a sentence i get confused and speak very poor English. Thank you Emma. These days I got a terrible network! Before we get into all that we need to look back at last week’s football phrase. Rich: Bye for now and enjoy your football! On the whole, Rowan and her family should move to the city. Rowan: OK so this week’s football phrase is a football acronym. Another minus is the interruption from family and kids so there might be a kind of lack of concentration Learning Vocabulary - Pros and Cons - podcast. Nothing else. Jack: In the roleplay, Rowan said I think the main benefit is that you’d look great in a Mazda MX-5. And it’s the first for me to leave a message here. I’m not sure which way to go - I had that car for over 10 years. One advantage is that he’d get to work quicker. It stands for the ******** ** *** ****. in British English favour NOVA PRAVITA RUS DIANA, 2010, THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF USING GAMES IN TEACHING VOCABULARY TO THE THIRD GRADERS OF TOP SCHOOL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, English Diploma Program, Faculty of Letters and Fine Arts, Sebelas Maret University. I got 100. thanks a lot. Here is the vocabulary you saw at the top of this page and how Rowan, Rich and Jack used it in the roleplay. Having a modern lifestyle is a positive too Rich’s car has broken down again and he’s fed up and wants to buy a new one. Benefits And Disadvantages Of Games in Vocabulary Learning for Young Learner You should make sure you write about how one side is better than the other. Jack: Let’s start with words and phrases we can use to talk about advantages. Very usefull ! Separate your arguments; one main body paragraph should focus on the advantages, and a separate main body paragraph should focus on the negatives. Smoke started coming out of the engine and the car just got slower and slower. The English teachers of Top School Elementary School Jack: These words can be used to replace the word disadvantage to stop us from sounding repetitive. If I were you , l would choose the part-time Arsenal job because that’s what I like to do and one more plus is that if you work hard in the field you like , you will get promoted soon because you do what you love It’d be a money pit. Here’s an example: Jack: The Mondeo is a bargain. :D. A good point about … or a good point of … or both are correct? Jack: Write all your answers in the comments section on the Premier Skills English website and try to use some of the modals of deduction we’ve introduced in this podcast. A positive aspect of this video is, now, I know how to properly pronounce the word “criticism”. Rowan: If you have any questions or comments or suggestions for the podcast or anything football or English related, you can leave them on the website in the comments section, on social media, on apple podcasts or you can email us at It's a good idea, especially if you need to talk about advantages and disadvantages in a speaking English exam, to try to use a variety of synonyms in your speaking to avoid sounding repetitive. positive aspect negative effect, Hi Emma nice to meet you here Thank you Emma, The one plus to rent a house outside are the prices more cheap. Great job. It’s raining all the time and another negative is when it is sunny you’re in a traffic jam breathing in all that pollution. Many of you seemed to think that it was Rowan that must have eaten my muffin. Increases the probability that the same term will be used by different indexes or by the same indexer at different times. The main benefit of part time job is gives opportunity for plus work in the home. Learning Vocabulary: Similarities and Differences. lowers blood pressure and heart rate. Preimer League could be cancelled or postponed. an advantage a disadvantage But the teacher should give honest feedbacks to the students, for it would be dangerously fossilized in learner’s minds. Having space for your family is a positive! Thanks a million Emma :) Decide if each group of phrases below have the same meaning (=S) or different meanings (=D). A job in Paris is what I’ve always dreamed of but now that it feels so real …. The English teachers of Top School Elementary School The writer hopes that this final project report can give the inspiration to the English teachers of Top School in their teaching way. Jack, Laura and Rich look at three stories that have been in the news this week. Rich: Which job should Jack take? Rowan: What do you think will be important for Rich when buying a car? Learn the structure needed, useful vocabulary and take a look at the sample answer >> please add me. I got 100 without going through the video. Rich: If you’re listening to us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or any other podcast platform, you should also check out our website. Rowan: And what type of car does Jack think Rich should buy? because, this will help you alot in passing out these tests. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your opinion? The money is OK. Jack: Then there’s this job at Arsenal football club working as an English teacher. You're the first with the correct answer! Jack visits the seaside, Rowan has a school reunion and Rich talks about football. Rich: and I’m Rich and welcome to this week’s Premier Skills English podcast. One of the pros to live in the city is that you are close to the city centre and big events. increases your vocabulary and comprehension. Let's talk about Internet access and its advantages and disadvantages. would you like to practice english with me ? Let’s hear situation two: Rowan: You’ve been offered how many jobs? The advantages of studying abroad include learning a new language, boosting your résumé and experiencing new things, while the disadvantages include crippling homesickness, high costs and cultural barriers. Disadvantages Of Teaching Vocabulary 726 Words | 3 Pages. Graphic organizers can help students to understand the relationship between various pieces of information that they may have otherwise failed to identify. I’m glad to be on spot for the first time and I’m looking forward to enjoying Premier League next week with you guys. TIP >> If the question asks you if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of something then your essay structure will change slightly. Jack: A Mazda MX-5. Thank you Emma! Rowan should weigh up pros and cons of many factors. Let's talk about Internet access and its advantages and disadvantages. An opinion should only be written for opinion essays. Jack: I thought that the Mondeo was the perfect car for Rich. The side that you think outweighs the other should be written about first in main body paragraph 1. Rowan: Outside of football this phrase is used as an adjective to describe things that are split equally between two people or when you have an equal chance of winning or losing. Rich: Rowan also said, one plus is that you won’t have to drive around in that heap of junk any more. thank you too much emma . HI teacher it is a great class i realy enjoyed .i love to improve my English with you. You’ve not mentioned it! Rowan: And terrifying. If you give more than 2, it can easily turn into a list, which will lower your task achievement score. You can find it on the homepage on the Premier Skills English website or Apple Podcasts. glad to see you here because you are a native english speaker. In the countryside you will have more space and a bigger house. I think Rowan and her family should weigh up the pros and cons of living in a big city like Paris. To describe the process of teaching English vocabulary by using games to the third graders. The car just got slower and slower. A big well done to Nicolas from Colombia, Marco Zapien from Mexico, Mohamed Kuna from Sudan and Hayato from Japan. C. BENEFITS The writer hopes this final project report will give benefits to: 1. I only see upsides to getting a job with high salary. Restricted free time, less neighbors and less relationship are another disadvantages. Thank you Emma so much. Knowledge Evaluation. it’s grate to learn even one word but the most important lesson I learnt from you was that “mistakes could be our teachers” so I’m trying not to be shy by my mistakes because I am not gonna let my mistakes do stop my growth. In this lesson, you will learn words that have the same meaning as advantage and disadvantage, such as drawback, downside, positive aspect, benefit, and many more. However, I’d like to say to Emma: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR WHAT YOU DO ON ENGVID.COM!!!!)))) Rich: It’s exciting moving to a new place. The teacher finds it very easy to prepare his lesson. Among the various question types listed above, we shall be discussing the vocabulary for ‘Advantages and Disadvantages’ type essays. International tourism has brought enormous benefits to many places. Jack: A bit more oomph? thank you kindly, it has been an interresting lesson. Rowan: or write your answers in the review section on Apple Podcasts if that’s where you listen to us. Write about the following topic. i am watching your videos about ielts and i am glad to meet you Jack: Before the roleplay, we asked you two questions. Write about the following topic. It’s going to cost more to fix than it’s worth. It’s cheap because it’s not very good.

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