Wait until the original plant has grown more sections then take your plant out of its pot, gently pull the section apart being very careful not to break the roots and replant your new section. Just like with most plants, even though it likes to be watered regularly this doesn’t mean it should be sitting in soggy soil. Native to: Borneo In its natural environment it would grow under the canopy of other trees on the forest floor so providing it with shaded and dappled light will help to recreate its natural environment. Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 25 cm . Alocasia Cuprea “Red Secret” has an extraordinary foliage that has a metallic shine to it. Instead, you propagate through root division and in water. Hi! The Alocasia is also called Elephant’s ear. Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' is a tender, rhizomatous, evergreen perennial cultivar from the Araceae family. Not exactly carnivorous but you’ll have to indulge me as its just so beautiful! Alocasia cuprea. During this period he can shed all his leaves and only a tuber remains in the soil. WATER: Keep soil moist, never drench or allow soil to dry completely.Requires excellent drainage when in pots. Loading... Pots* Optional. It can tolerate warmer temperatures as long as the air does not become too dry but will do badly if the temperatures drop too low. The dark metallic leaves help to absorb any light coming through the top of the canopy. However, compared to other plants, this one does take a bit more effort to look after and keep alive so keep reading for our Alocasia Cuprea care guide. Alocasia Cuprea: The Mirror Plant Plants with bright foliage always attract love and admiration. sizes. Really an urban jungle plant that you will rarely encounter! Spring is coming August 18, 2019 A Journey Though Sumatra – Part 1 (Jambi) … The foliage is two-toned(red/pink), making this plant fall under the Jewel category. Mar 23, 2019 - Alocasia cuprea ‘red secret’ New in stock - I'm so glad a have these this rare Alocasia cuprea ‘red secret’! Explore. Instead these plants require indirect light. The Alocasia is also called Elephant’s ear. If you leave it to dry out or forget to water it then you will see damage. This one is native to Borneo and also considered as a Jewel Alocasia. Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret ’ A rare and very impressive compact Alocasia with metallic deep red and green leaves which look almost iridescent. Feed from April to September. Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' Family: Araceae (Aroids) Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' is a jewel Alocasia that is endemic to Sabah in Borneo, South East Asia. Alocasia Cuprea "Red Secret" like many plants from the Aroid family, has a resting period. Always keep the soil moist, without letting the plant stand in water. Alocasia Cuprea "Red Secret" Alocasia Cuprea "Red Secret" Alocasia Cuprea "Red Secret" … € 15,95 In stock. Also commonly known as Mirror … These days, it's very common and easily accessible. Mist regularly. If your plant is in direct sunlight this can scorch their leaves. Highly sought after Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' This tropical Aroid's large metallic leaves make it a great addition to any collection, large or small. Just be sure to follow the instruction for the neem oil treatment! Rated 4.60 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings. Welcome. It is typically grown for the leaves, which are large, oval and have a metallic appearance, coloured dark green to red. A beautiful room plant with large leaves. Watering: Regular but don’t allow to sit in water With the surface of its leaves having a metallic sheen and the undersides a red glow, the Alocasia Cuprea is more and more being used to decorate homes with. When given a loose, free draining soil and a little bit of extra humidity Alocasia cuprea is an easy Alocasia to grow … Its red-like leaves with dark almost black markings look fabulous and dramatic. Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret. Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret. Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' is a tender, rhizomatous, evergreen perennial cultivar from the Araceae family. Feeding your plant once a fortnight should be enough and make sure that you dilute the strength of your fertiliser as a plant feed that is too strong can cause burning on the leaves. This helps to keep OSERA ad free. This Alocasia is a real gem, just wait until you see it glow red as the sun shines through its leaves. Height: Up to 40 cm. Height/Growth. Add to cart More info > … The Alocasia is also called Elephant’s ear. Alocasia Cuprea like indirect light, high humidity, frequent waterings, diluted plant feed and warm comfortable temperatures. The Alocasia prefers moderate sunlight and so it should be placed in partial shade. Alocasia Cuprea Red Secret - YouTube . Alocasia Cuprea 'Red Secret' CHARACTERISTICS: Among all other Alocasia plants this one has a distinct appearance like a shield or 6 pack abs. In autumn and winter check the top inch of … In this video, I show you how I repot and stake up my, Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret'. This way the plant can take in the moisture it needs. I find that this one is a slowly growing plant and only have 1-2 leaf in a singular plant. Water throughly and let the soil dry out between waterings; it doesnt like to be overwatered. Required fields are marked *. You may buy a wild range of Red Secret (Alocasia cuprea red) here with Live Arrival Guarantee. Alternatively if you see someone’s questions in the comments below and think you could help them then please feel free to jump in. If you don’t want to use a humidifier then there are other things you can do to increase the humidity for your plants. In a terrarium, it stands out … Disclosure: This post may include affiliate links meaning I receive a commission if you make a purchase through these links at no extra cost to yourself. Height: Approximately 25cm from base of … Gardening Supplies. The undersides of the leaves are a vibrant purple colour, making a striking visual display. Also known as Elephants Ear, this shiny iridescent plant originates from Borneo and first became commercially available in Hawaii. Shipped in nursery pot. Alocacias like humidity and will benefit from misting every couple of days. The ideal temperature for your plant would be somewhere around 20°C. Prefers humidity so … Today, we are introducing another such plant, the Alocasia cuprea plant. Can i use neem oil on this alocasia cuprea plant? Write a review about the product “Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' 12cm” and win a National Gardening Gift Voucher of £25 ! We would also recommend adding perlite to your soil for aeration. Ideal Placement - East or west facing Water - Once a week during spring and summer, once a month during autumn and winter. Instead try and dilute your fertiliser and see if that makes a difference. Write a review about "Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' 12cm" We want to know your opinion! Pot … Jun 6, 2020 - Buy a wide variety of plants like Perennials, Roses, Climbers, Fruit Trees, Alpines, Shrubs, Ornamental Trees, Bare Root, Indoor Plants from our online garden nursery The other main reason is that you’re using a fertiliser that’s too strong. If you follow the care tips and seek advice if you encounter any issues then there is no reason that a beginner couldn’t look after this plant. the large iridescent leaves emerge a soft copper green with a light pink sheen. January 6, 2021; Photography; A study of Alocasia cuprea, an aroid from Borneo known for its metallic leaves. , Your email address will not be published. A great way to water this plant is from the bottom up rather than watering the stop of the soil. Water when the top inch of soil has dried. This plant gets it’s nickname Red Secret from the deep reddish colour that it has especially on the underside of the leaves. Plant loses its leaves, it will sprout again a few months later. Underground structures: Rhizome: Resistances: Deer Resistant Rabbit Resistant: Toxicity: Other: All parts of … Some even say I look spray painted! Common names: Elephant's Ear: Jewel Alocasia: General Plant Information ; Plant Habit: Herb/Forb: Life cycle: Perennial: Leaves: Unusual foliage color: Flower Time: Other: Seasonal. Down below we’ll go into the easy steps of propagating one of these plants. Prefers bright indirect light and keep above 16C. that truly give an interesting look. Max height 60cm. This product has no reviews yet. Address: 5174 W Waco Dr, #05 Waco, TX 76710, United States. Useful to know: Origin. Other names: Red Secret, Elephant’s ear. Propagation of alocasia should be done in spring or early summer, when the plant is just coming out of dormancy from the winter. Propagating an Alocasia cuprea with a stem cutting doesn’t yield results. The backs of the leaves are a rich, reddish purple. The strange thing is that this species has no season. For many years, it was pretty rare and something of a collectors item for plant enthusiasts. Hopefully you’ve found our Alocasia Cuprea care guide useful and you feel ready to go and care for your beautiful metallic plant. With the surface of its leaves having a metallic sheen and the undersides a red glow, the Alocasia Cuprea is more and more being used to decorate homes with. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. LIGHT: Alocacias need low to medium light, they will grow best in bright indirect sunlight.Keep away from direct sunlight. Make sure that you only fertilise your plant during the growing season and leave it during the winter months. You can also leave jars and bowls of water dotted around your plants and we have found that misting can help them tremendously. Humidity: Medium to high Add to cart More info > Begonia Sizemoreae Begonia Sizemoreae Leaf: Leaf diameter 15 up to 25 cm… € 15,95 In stock. Jewel Alocasia (Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret') in the Elephant Ears (Alocasia) Database. Pot: 12cm. Your Alocasia Cuprea will want to dry out a little bit between waterings, however it is a plant that needs regular waterings. If you have any other questions regarding the care for your Alocasia Cuprea then be sure to leave them in the comments below and we’ll answer them as quickly as possible. Alocasia Cuprea belong to the Alocasia plant family and is becoming one of the more popular of its species. I will grow to 1m tall but am a slow grower. Your email address will not be published. Saved from youtube.com. As with most plants that are regularly watered you will want a well draining soil so that excess liquid can leave the plant and your roots don’t become soggy. A beginner may struggle with this plant as their first plant but this doesn’t mean that it’s not appropriate. Tags: alocasia cuprea, alocasia cuprea red secret, non carnivorous. Just prepare a pot (with a drainage hole) for each plant; I like using normal plastic nursery pots and then placing these in a decorative overpot. Alocasia cuprea have a stunning metallic shine, 'cuprea' is latin for copper. It has worked for me! During the summer, this plant can be set out on the … As this plant is native to Borneo it may come as no surprise to you that it prefers higher levels of humidity. Thank you for your support on this platform. Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret’ 23.00 ‘Red Secret’ has extraordinary foliage, large leathery leaves of rust and metallic colours sit upon almost translucent stems. In stock. ALOCACIA CUPREA RED SECRET. So to summarise, in order to adequately take care of an Alocasia Cuprea you will need: If you follow these basic tips then your Red Secret plant should thrive. This Alocasia stays compact and its suitable for terrariums. They could be burning for a number of reasons, the main two being light and fertiliser. Buy Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' online direct from Root Houseplants! This prevents the leaf edges from drying out. Soil: Well draining Rating: * Your opinion about this product: * Please note: this review is about the product and not about the garden centre, delivery, etc. Add to cart More info > Begonia Royal Velour Begonia Royal Velour Leaf: Leaf diameter up to 20 cm Height:… € 11,95 In stock. We ship to US, UK, EU, Japan, Singapore and many other countries with reasonable shipping fee. Our first tip would be to place your plant on top of a watered pebble tray to try and create a micro climate around your Alocasia. A very unusual Alocasia from the tropical rainforests of South and Central America with metallic deep red and green leaves and deeply impressed dark veins, giving it the look of hammered metal. If you change everything at once it can be difficult to know what worked and necessary, and what is just a coincidence. With a shovel, carefully dig around the plant and lift it out of the ground. Choose a country to see content specific to your location, Elephant's Ear 'Red Secret', Jewel Alocasia 'Red Secret', Photo by greensplantsandprints (All rights reserved), Photo by SpiralisPlants (All rights reserved). PLANT CARE TIPS. Alocasia is a member of the Arum family and is native to tropical Asia to eastern Australia. Frequently grown indoors as a houseplant, this plant does best when provided with ample humidity. Bright room but indirect sunlight. Light. Red Secret Alocasia . Alocasia cuprea (Red Secret) By far, the Red Secret Alocasia is at odds with many other varieties. Feb 26, 2020 - Beautiful plants delivered to your home or office. A pretty cool houseplant. Also known commonly as Alocasia 'Red Secret' or Jewel Alocasia 'Red Secret'. Seeing a healthy and well-grown plant with some nice foliage around is nothing lesser than a treat to the eyes. Most Jewels in the Araceae family have nearly peltate leaves. Spray the leaves at least once per week. Article from onlinebabyplants.com. This plant is native to Borneo and is found growing in the under-story of the forest. The undersides of the leaves are a vibrant purple colour, making a striking visual display. If you live in a drier environment then we would recommend using a humidifier as arid air can dry out the leaves of this plant relatively quickly which can cause irreparable damage. Keep your Alocasia Cuprea away from drafts as they don’t like to be cold and far from radiators and heating systems as this can cause them to dry out. S M. A beautiful room plant with large leaves. Alocasia grows from rhizomes in the ground, and the best method of alocasia plant propagation involves splitting up these rhizomes. It's a must-have for all Alocasia and houseplant collectors grab it quick limited stock. You Might Also Like. The most common propagation method for Alocasia is soil propagation, since any offsets and clumps will most likely already have their own root system. I am native to Borneo. Alocasia Cuprea definitely isn’t known as a fast grower, instead you will find it grows relatively slowly but if you care for it it will keep growing and putting out new leaves. Alocasia Cuprea "Red secret", pot size 12cm Sun/shade: bright but no direct sunlight Watering: frequent, enjoys misting Rather than taking cuttings it is better if you propagate this plant via root division. Everything you need to know about Alocasia 'Red Secret' (Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret'), including propagation, ideal conditions and common pests and problems. Alocasia cuprea 'Red Secret' About me: I am a rare Alocasia variety with metallic deep red and green leaves that are almost irridescent. Alocasia cuprea has glossy, metallic leaves that are purple - coppery deep red and very exotic looking. Light: Indirect light This plant is shipped in a disposable plastic nursery pot. Organic Garden Supplies. If you find it struggling then change things one by one so you can see what makes the difference to your plants health. Placement in a bathroom or kitchen, in bright but indirect light is advised, ensuring soil is a well-draining mix to prevent waterlogging to the roots. Elephant Ears. shipped in nursery pot. Really an urban jungle plant that you … Alocasia Red Secret - Online Babyplants. I prefer a spot with indirect light. This jungle plant needs high humidity. Other names: Red Secret, Elephant’s ear Alocasia Cuprea belong to the Alocasia plant family and is becoming one of the more popular of its species. Lawn And Garden. It is an exceptionally decorative plant! Alocasia cuprea ‘Red Secret. Please keep me far away from direct sunlight as it will scorch … If you want to share your opinion about … Really an urban jungle plant that you will rarely encounter! However if you still have a few questions then be sure to check out our Cuprea FAQ to see some of the most commonly asked questions. 4. Placing this plant in direct sunlight will cause the leaves to scorch and burn, especially if this is a south or west facing window. Write a Review. It is typically grown for the leaves, which are large, oval and have a metallic appearance, coloured dark green to red.

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