Leonardo is artistic, but Leo is artsy. Mar 17, 2017 - Explore Baby Names Couture's board "Bohemian Baby Names" on Pinterest. Boho Sunset Logo, Magic Logo, Photography Logo, Yoga Meditation Logo, Holistic Branding, Premade Minimalist Logo, Boutique Logo, Nature Logo MiloAndMilkCo. Whenever he made such trips to Earth, Echo was ordered to safeguard him from being discovered by his wife Hera, to keep her distracted. A simple rule in naming is to avoid the same number of syllables in the first, middle and last names to give it more appeal. It represents the sky itself. It has a Greek origin and has always found a place in the top rows of baby name popularity charts. Saved from conveythemoment.com. This is a three syllable world. The impressionist painter Claude Monet and composer Claude Debussy are the familiar namesakes. Bohemian baby names are balanced, but not very common; artsy but not entirely unheard of. In the history of art, the most noticeable 'River' name bearers are males but recently girls are being given this powerful name too. This artsy baby name is a favorite with celebs as well. This name also has a specialty. 5 out of 5 stars (2,306) 2,306 reviews $ 25.10 FREE shipping Only 1 available and it's in 3 people's carts. Parents are choosing this name confidence in the recent years, and its popularity is also rising on the baby name list. As the willow tree is able to withstand the hardships of cold weather, the name bearers are believed to stand steady in the midst of challenges. To be barefoot & free as the mind, body & soul connects with mother nature. In daily life, Coriander is a herb used in Indian and Asian dishes. Clover came from nowhere to reach #363 on the charts and it looks as though it … Legends make this mystic name a lovely Boho baby girl name. Catrine is a cool, sophisticated and sleek version of the classic name Catherine. One day Echo was caught red-handed and the angry Hera cursed her to become an echo. According to Celtic beliefs, if an infant died, the God will shower daisies upon grieving parents to console them. The color stands for stability and serenity and it gives mental relaxation as well as a sense of fulfillment! This moniker looks beautiful when written and sounds pretty when you roll it off the tongue. Chivalry is one of the rarest bohemian names. According to Norse mythology, daisies are considered as the flower of the goddess Freya. Asher is a Hebrew baby name, meaning ‘fortunate’, ‘blessed’ and ‘happy’. What a beautiful name! Currently, this name is in the top 300 baby girl name list. Intimate Reception Table on the Beach. Cat would make a fun nickname potential for Catrine, especially for a family of cat lovers. What a refreshing, peaceful, natural and a good sounding name! She should be genuine, should face the struggles with a bold attitude. Pay attention to bohemian wedding theme if you planning an outdoor or beach ceremony. The name is unisex, but it would suit boys more than girls. Mareike translates to ‘bitter’ but sounds anything but bitter. In the Middle Ages, the alchemist tried to turn base metals into gold and silver, but in vain. Boho names are known for their uniqueness, freshness, beauty and free spirit. We all know what rain is, but as a name, its meaning is ‘Abundant blessings from heaven above’. Luis Bunuel, also known as ‘the father of the cinematic surrealism’ is the famous bearer of this name. We know how difficult this is, but if you look around, you can see all women are like this. ), I thought I’d follow up with a natural sequel. The British singer with a soulful voice brought this old-fashioned name to the forefront again after decades. It has its origin from the Latin word ‘Autumnus’. The heartbroken Farhad dies instantly and when Shirin comes to know about this, she also dies along with him there. Alder is an English name, derived from the Alder tree. The name has several connotations. Boho-chic is a style of fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences, which, at its height in late 2005 was associated particularly with actress Sienna Miller, model Kate Moss in the United Kingdom and actress/businesswoman Mary-Kate Olsen in the United States. Famous singer Kelly Clarkson and her husband chose this name for their daughter. The sky is limitless, it is the gateway to space, to another universe; in that way this name also represents peace and heaven. I wonder how many of you would be able to pronounce it correctly? Woody is a diminutive of Woodrow and means ‘row of houses by the wood’. Cedar is just a coniferous tree that belongs to the family of Pinaceae. Hesiod and Ovid called her the "Chief of all Muses.". The name 'River' has earned itself a place on the beautiful baby boho names list as it symbolizes beauty and freedom. Anything flowery, colorful and free-spirited can be considered Boho. They want to rewrite the conventional norms and methods. This moniker sounds down-to-earth and chic at the same time. The Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is the most famous artsy bearer of this classic name. It has also launched the careers of countless freelancers and artists including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Aretha Franklin. Boho style fits perfectly for creative and free-spirited couples who want to avoid triviality on their wedding! Besides, it would also affirm the chivalric virtues in your son. Boldness and creativity are the characteristics of the name bearers. The name Monet conjures the impressionistic paintings of country cottages and lily pads. Though the name is biblical in origin, it rose to popularity with the much loved twitchy-nosed witch Tabitha Stephens of the 60’s sitcom Bewitched. This name also means ‘adventure’ or ‘outing’. From then on she was able to speak only the last words spoken to her. It is said to be the center of the spiritual power of the body and the centers are called ‘chakras’. This is still popular across a wide range of countries and cultures, from French to the Italians. It is also believed that the name has its roots from the Gaelic word “aileach” which means ‘rocky place’. In earlier times both boys and girls were called by this name, but as a Boho name, it is mostly seen in girls. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. It was mentioned in the Bible as “the manna,” which fell from the heaven. Tristan is one of the rarely used Celtic names, meaning ‘sorrowful or noise’. This moniker has a pleasant association with the word ‘leaf’. Whether your child turns out to be an artist or a pop-culture junkie, this name would suit her perfectly. Every logo in my shop can be customized with your business name and tag line. William Shakespeare adopted this name for a character in Hamlet. Elizabeth Gibbs Photography. Though this word originated from Scottish land, it is used quite often by the English. The term lyric is used for both poetry and music. Hearing a name would suggest a person’s nationality or ethnicity. She should be tough and strong when battling the harsh realities of life. In the root language, the meaning of the name is ‘Beauty’ or ‘Grace’. You wonder what it is about three syllables? This word has a mystical and magical sound to it. This might be because this color dye originated in India where it was in abundance. It got a boost after being featured in the television series Grey’s Anatomy. Ivy: Ivy is an offbeat, quirky and botanical name, referring to the climbing plant with the yellow flowers. The surname of W.H. There will not be a more befitting name than Cypress for a girl who would possess all these qualities. The ancient Scottish Kingdom Dalriada is believed to be the birthplace of this name. After his death, he was placed among the stars as a constellation. But the beauty of the name and the uniqueness is what makes it special and helps to accept it as a Boho baby girl name! It is with this color India is related to, even now. Photography Names. Best hashtags for use with #boho are #boho #bohostyle #handmade #bohemian #bohochic #fashion #vintage #hippie #bohodecor #love #homedecor #style #bohemianstyle #macrame #gypsy #art #jewelry #etsy #hippiestyle #wedding #handmadejewelry #ootd #decor #summer #interiordesign #bohofashion #design #smallbusiness #bohojewelry #bhfyp The best-selling author Rick Riordan is giving it a creative feel. This is a unisex name and if you want to embellish the name, you can go for variants like Raine, Rayne, Rainn etc. Even we think it’s more attention grabbing than Lily. Here we present you a cool list of twenty-five Boho girl names which are absolutely stunning. You cannot get more bohemian than Andy, a diminutive of Andrew, which means ‘strong and manly’. Kai is an evocative, exotic and intense Hawaiian baby name used for both boys and girls. Start by brainstorming what words could fit into your business name. It’s a variation of Louis. Christian Bale is the most popular bearer of this name. The meaning of Cyrene is ‘sovereign queen’. Legends also denote it as the final resting place of Arthur. Very different meanings in different languages are what makes this one a very special Boho name. Harper is a lovely bohemian girl name meaning ‘harp player’. Here we present you a cool list of twenty-five Boho girl names which are absolutely stunning. Lark is regarded as a free approach to life which is fun-filled, carefree and spontaneous. Indigo color is a deep-purplish blue color. Some people may find it outlandish, but we think it’s charming and distinctive. It’s Italian for happy. The meaning of the root word is autumn or fall denoting one of the seasons’ name. The largest barrier I’ve found for people getting their photography business started is choosing a name. This moniker topped in 1954 and stayed on the top 200 until dipping to top 1000 in 2012. Scenes from a Boho-Chic Surfer Wedding Ceremony. Chiara, meaning ‘light’ in Italian, is a perfect representation of the shining light your girl will be in the lives of everyone throughout her own. This Persian name has an exotic touch from the Middle Eastern origins. This poetic name is also the musical instrument on the merry-go-round. Ivy was also considered the Celtic symbol of friendship. The heroine of the series was named Demelza. This name is famous in the English-speaking lands as a variation of Mariah. They are peacemakers who shy away from negative people. According to the story, red tulips grew at the place where their blood touched the ground, a symbol of perfect love! The fresh green leaves on the branches of a Willow tree symbolizes nature, life, and fertility. You photographers who specialize in outdoor photography and videography; such as aerial and drones, sports, coverage, corporate events, business, media, press, interior design, real estate, and architectural photographers will find creative ideas for naming your business. You can opt for other characters’ names too, like Juno, Beryl or Delia. Don’t you feel like naming your baby daughter with this name seeing the depth in her lovely blue and dreamy eyes? Avalon stands for “island of paradise”. Get Outside!

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