Please have a look at the examples here: example Highlights. . You can add your name between parentheses in your own script behind the English transliteration. Please indicate your preference for color: in print or on the Web only. Subsections should be used as much as possible when cross-referencing text: refer to the subsection by heading as opposed to simply 'the text'. More information on how to remove field codes from different reference management software. To avoid unnecessary errors you are strongly advised to use the 'spell-check' and 'grammar-check' functions of your word processor. In order to allow us to create links to abstracting and indexing services, such as Scopus, CrossRef and PubMed, please ensure that data provided in the references are correct. The statement will appear with your published article on ScienceDirect. Discuss future implications for the academy-at-large (what would you suggest to others based on this experience?). Keeping it simple is just one 'S' of effective communication with, and education of, your patients. Original research topics include, but are not limited to: Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning is devoted to dissemination of high quality, peer-reviewed scholarship relevant to all areas of pharmacy education-promoting educational research excellence. The best time to have the flu vaccine is in the autumn before flu starts spreading. Teachable Moments Matter (TMM) Format Guidelines: . You can also check our Author FAQs at and/or contact Customer Support via o Present/permanent address. Identify and describe the problem and/or limitation encountered during the associated study, . The Journal maintains a particular focus in two major areas: pharmacy faculty development in the scholarship of teaching and learning and the scholarship of … Most Cited Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning Articles. Submit your article Guide for authors. Supplementary files offer the author additional possibilities to publish supporting applications, high-resolution images, background datasets, sound clips and more. The scientific journal Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning is included in the Scopus database. The text should be in single-column format. Supports open access. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, More information on how to remove field codes from different reference management software,,, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: teaching/learning strategies; interprofessional education, Quality Improvement - assessment of programmatic/curricular outcomes, Curricular Revision – design, implementation, evaluation, Attitudes/perceptions within pharmacy education. Author contributions For transparency, we encourage authors to submit an author statement file outlining their individual contributions to the paper using the relevant CRediT roles: Conceptualization; Data curation; Formal analysis; Funding acquisition; Investigation; Methodology; Project administration; Resources; Software; Supervision; Validation; Visualization; Roles/Writing - original draft; Writing - review & editing. Describe the manner in which your recommendations could potentially change/impact educational scholarship in pharmacy, . Journal abbreviations source Journal names should be abbreviated according to the List of Title Word Abbreviations. Please consult this Guide for Authors for further details of any item. Authors should submit the material in electronic format together with the article and supply a concise and descriptive caption for each file. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning - Journal Impact. Clearly indicate who will handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication, also post-publication. For systematic reviews, explicit criteria for including or excluding identified articles from the review should be included, as well as an explicit timeframe over which the review was conducted. Sign in to view your account details and order history. 6.2.2 Written communication. Web-based proofing provides a faster and less error-prone process by allowing you to directly type your corrections, eliminating the potential introduction of errors. Commentary Issues in Pharmacy Education Article Content Guidelines, Articles in this category are informed opinions that foster scholarly dialogue on issues, trends, or findings believed to be important in the context of pharmacy education and related areas. Please note that even though manuscript source files are converted to PDF files at submission for the review process, these source files are needed for further processing after acceptance. Constitution of the material The material consists of 3 parts,(1) Overview , (2) Basic Skills and (3)In Practice (Figure 1). How does this book complement (or duplicate) other books that are available? Commentaries should not include the description or analysis of new data. Content should make no assumptions about the beliefs or commitments of any reader; contain nothing which might imply that one individual is superior to another on the grounds of age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, disability or health condition; and use inclusive language throughout. Similarly for tables and figures: Table A.1; Fig. o Considers characteristics of participants, content or context, o Identifies shifts in own perspective or paradigm. If possible, provide your opinion on a couple of pointers or comments to the author(s) that could be of value to those using this book as well. (Note: While results and evaluative data are not the central issue in this article section, a discussion of their role in your CQI process is needed. You may have already requested this item. In order to accomplish these goals, the scholarship must be written to a caliber that merits recognition and dissemination. Avoid extensive citations and discussion of published literature. If no grid is used, use tabs, not spaces, to align columns. By sharing this knowledge, it is hoped that others will be (1) inspired to utilize the techniques discussed and (2) join in enhancing the scholarship by supporting the technique. Wisdom of Experience Article Format Guidelines: . Category Learning > Practice Scenarios index page. This page is about the flu vaccine for adults. If, together with your accepted article, you submit usable color figures then Elsevier will ensure, at no additional charge, that these figures will appear in color on the Web (e.g., ScienceDirect and other sites) regardless of whether or not these illustrations are reproduced in color in the printed version.

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