The company's heritage dates back to 1818 with the founding of New England Glass Company of East Cambridge, Massachusetts, which relocated to Toledo, Ohio, and in 1892 changed its name to Libbey Glass Company under the direction of Edward Drummond Libbey. The Northwest Ohio area offered abundant natural gas resources and access to large deposits of high quality sand. Our premium wine, beer and all-purpose glassware are sure to bring a special touch to your next dinner party or gathering with friends. This was done in addition to furloughing approximately 50% of its North American workforce and suspending 401(k) matching, among other cost-saving measures.[25]. [17][18], The company marked its 200th anniversary in 2018. Vol.170, Iss.4, "The New England Glass Company, 1818-1888", "Plain Glass to Artistry: A History of the New England Glass Company", "How the Bottle-Making Machine Came Into Being", "Fifth Annual Report of the Libbey-Owens Sheet Glass Co", "Libbey announces initial stock offering", "Libbey announces plans to file for bankruptcy", "Glassware maker Libbey goes bankrupt with bars, restaurants shut", "Libbey executives paid more than $3 million in bonuses during pandemic",, Companies formerly listed on NYSE American, Glassmaking companies of the United States, Manufacturing companies established in 1818, Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 December 2020, at 12:41. Here, new ideas are valued, collaboration is fundamental and employees are challenged to bring their best to the table every day. In 1888, he moved the business to Toledo, Ohio, where key natural resources for making glass were abundant. [7], The company flourished as one of America's leading glass manufacturers through the Civil War, but the development of inexpensive soda-lime glass in West Virginia brought a deep decline in sales, which dropped from about $500,000 in 1865 to $232,304 in 1876, when the workforce had been reduced to only 200 laborers. Purchased in 1878 by William L. Libbey, its name was changed to New England Glass Works, Wm. Libbey Glass enjoyed something of a resurgence in the 1920s with the introduction of the "safedge" tumbler, the rim of which was chip resistant. My mom doesn't really remember much about it but thought she got hers with stamps. Search Within. You could also acquire it by saving green stamps. In 1888, Edward Libbey moved his glass-manufacturing establishment from Massachusetts to Toledo, Ohio. Libbey Inc., originally New England Glass Company, American glass company that is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass tableware. Our selection of glass and tabletop products is designed with sophistication, strength, and style in mind. Engraver Louis F. Vaupel (1824–1903), who joined New England Glass in 1856, led its creation in the 1860s and 1870s of high-quality cut and engraved products, including very fine paperweights. Michael Owens and Edward D Libbey form the Libbey Owens Sheet Glass Company, Owens-Illinois Glass Company purchases the entire Libbey Glass Company. Foley would retire, but remain as a board chairman. Go. When I'm asked to provide a local history tour, I always include a stop at the Libbey Glass Company's manufacturing facility on Ash Street. Libbey exhibits brilliant cut glass at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. The history of the Libbey Glass Company goes back to 1818, when it was established in East Cambridge, Massachusetts, as the New England Glass Company. The company took full advantage of the introduction of pressed glass and its business grew rapidly. During this time the company was involved in the production of automotive glass in its partnership with Ford Motor Company. The company changes it’s name to The Libbey Glass Company.

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