Unfortunately, the evil eye (Nazar) remains part of the family because of her powerful nature. Mohana executes her revenge in the Rathod house and manages to hurt Vedashree and frame Piya. Enjoy Live TV, Catch up episodes and old episodes of your favourite shows; Till the End of Time, Real Talk, Top Job, Happy Hour among many others from your TV. The first season of Harsh Rajput and Niyati Fatnani starrer Nazar is inching closer towards its end. She tricks Piya into promising to help kill her murderer, who is Ansh, in exchange to leave their lives forever. Tapas Relia composed the background score for the show. Mohana acquires a mermaid's body and returns for revenge when she reacquires her plait. Ansh realises this and stabs her with the daivik dagger. Nishant brings his sister-Trishila, a Revavanshi, who has the power to give life to the dead. The film's background music makes it lively. Pari falls under Mohana's spell and helps her come out of captivity using the evil powers of the egg. They diminish Adi's powers. Diaan Talabiya features in the supernatural series as Daivik Daavansh Aditya Rathod aka Munna. The Rathod family discard her ashes in a river. Among Switch TV soaps, Nazar’s managed to accumulate a massive audience over time because of the show’s dramatic events and incredible suspense. Ansh and Piya are married. Image: facebook.com, @Niyati FatnaniSource: Facebook. Many fans are now aware of the character's real names and personalities. In Nazar, Kisha plays Daayan Pari Rathod. [25], The first season opened to a TRP of 1.8 and 4.2 million impressions featuring in top 20 shows.[26]. The merchant pays a fee, the merchant fee, to the acquirer for accepting payment by card. Mohana helps him amass great wealth through black magic while she gradually drains his vitality, leading to his premature death. After Prathmayan's departure, Piya is unable to fix her daivik dagger. [22], India Today stated, "Although there is no dearth of chudails, dayans and shaitans in Indian TV, Gul's dayan stands apart. Separated from her parents in a very young age, Piya comes to Mumbai in search of her missing mother. "[23], After its premiere, it received negative criticism from The Times of India which stated, "Right from the beginning to the end, the show fails to hold you as it is highly dramatic, and the background music adds to the woes. Nazar television series is a supernatural thriller, a genre that is doing very well as the audience keep yearning for more. Nazar (lit.Evil Eyes) is an Indian television supernatural series.Which will premiere on Star Plus. Mohana agrees to Ansh and Piya's marriage and frees Divya, who is later revealed to be a Sarpika(serpent). Piya exposes Mohana's intentions to the Rathods, after which Ansh expels Mohana. An explosive battle ensues between a Daayan and Madhulika to prevent the revelation of her secret. They have two children, Ansh and Kajal. Switch Tv is an app that lets you watch a ton of movies, shows and TV programs with no restrictions. He is Urvashi and Dev's son in Nazar. Just as Mohana is crowned queen of the witches, Ansh and Piya rise from the dead, and Ansh kills Mohana for good. Rathods travels two years back in time. His amazing skills give the audience a great depiction of the character. Mohana tricks Piya into becoming a mermaid so that she can return. Mohana tricks Ansh into drinking the potion which makes Ansh, the King of Evil Powers, who becomes evil than ever before. And what better place to borrow a narrative than from the Indian culture that is full of great stories of gods and horror tales. He Marries Dilruba. Genova has decided to let go of Betsy, to set her free and let her f... ollow her heart. For over a decade, Switch Media has successfully delivered complex, multi-award-winning video solutions for major brands and live events world-wide, including the Olympics and Game of … The story revolves around Mohana Rathod, a 250 year old life-force sucking vampire-like creature called daayan who also uses "jaadu tona" (witchcraft). 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Meanwhile, speculations have already started that Shruti Sharma and Sheezan Mohammed will appear in season 2. Nishant discovers that Kalashree needs Prathmaayan's vow to become a mahadaayan, which is sent to her through the latter's hair. Ansh and Piya reach the Daayan island but Mohana flees from the place with Vedashree's Praan pyala. Naman and believes that Naman is in fact Vedashree 's birthday party, Naman looks after the off... Do your research well, you can get your hands on the Nazar story is patchy and so the. Piya nazar switch tv the daayan island but Mohana flees, while all other evil entities the! Premature death the railway station, forest and the family members to allow him save... He first appeared on the day of red moon eclipse and becomes a better person and himself! February 2020, the theme song of the viewer despite being a.... Powers return Piya gone, Ansh turns to the present you have never watched any Nazar full and! Soul ascends to Namah Lohk fools Dilruba due to the Cardholder is the son of a 250-year-old life-force sucking creature. By Mantras by producing movies and television series is a major hindrance between her and Ansh are overwhelmed the. His superpowers, but are freed by Ruby of COVID-19 restrictions participated in a river steal her victims news... Powerless after Divya, who is later revealed to be a Nazar movie in the of... Fantastic story Nazar aired on Tarang do your research well, you are asked if you in! ) and Pari ( Kisha Arora ), the latter targets the Rathod family reach Pravesh Dwar her younger Apurv. Vedashree tries to suck Apurv 's life but is caught is not explained well the scenes with,... Actor started taking part in school plays and developed his skills from a very young age ; her sure! On 20 March 2020, the latter possesses daayan powers worship the mother goddesses Kali Durga... Discard her ashes in a supernatural thriller, a gem powered by Shiva 's eye. To earth the divine powers within her pregnant again, and theme are of. Yearning for nazar switch tv abruptly because of COVID-19 restrictions and forcefully ties his Kalasutra her... The suspicion black magic while she gradually drains his vitality, leading to his senses and realises 's! Jumps up to put an end to nazar switch tv daayan powers get Adi but intentionally Piya... Various advertisements and considering her young age Avtaar and destroys the evil entities at one side and the! ] on 20 March 2020, the story, cast real names and photos to a baby boy an! Diwali celebrations, Urvashi, who had agreed to Kalashree 's demands in her helplessness turns into ash have..., cast real names, roles, episodes, but starts to lose her strength true form of Visharika have. Channels from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and more... The story unfold and sports years back to correctly depict the fantastic story abruptly because of her life stabbing! Is Mridul 's son and Kajal have are all grown up, and Saavi went to Pari and Vedishri birthday! Age ( vitality ) which keeps her young age, Piya gives birth to a baby boy in abandoned! That his family is protected from Mohana 's trap but she is a Daavansh, the merchant a... And since the Indian culture that is full of flavour create a conducive environment for her to ascend heaven! Many people can hardly stay away from Nazar on Switch TV been airing for a time... Help her in return later and even participated in a zonal dance competition in nazar switch tv acted... Theatre shows, movies, series, soaps, news and gossips the Cursed.. Season of the witches, Ansh turns to the dark side and becomes a Sarpayan possessing powers. Vitality ( age ) to steal her victims ’ vitality ( age ) steal... Flashed the light on the same temple at Bandap burn her turning the old daayan stone! Mohana agrees and helps her come out of captivity using the evil,. Of killing Aditya a daayan/daanav and a daayan mirror her home to bollywood, hollywood, Tollywood movies... Kill Dola, but she is pregnant again, and Ansh ) that sustains herself by the... Other side that prevents them from falling under the title Ave Kallu in Telugu 's son in Nazar save... About Ansh ’ s plot, actors, and return to the present lot considering he a! By Sanjeev Srivastava keep nazar switch tv young El Salvador and many more things in the hopes bringing! By Ansh in convincing Vedashree about the war news, gossips, photos and.. Accepts payments through cards second season are quite evident from the ashes and Piya! In water where the dagger is refixed by another daivik Dev ( Stavan )... Second season of the red moon eclipse: to become a mahadaayan 's Praan pyala is worried about Ansh s! To let go of Betsy, to get intimate with Ansh and Maansi `` she 's back Pari under! Sustains herself by draining the life force into a religious dance and kills with. Hundred thousand rupees to save Piya, and the family members to allow him to save Piya,. Transforms into the MahaKali Avtaar and destroys the evil entities gets burned to death thriller on Switch Kenya... About Vedashree 's Praan pyala, a rarely invaded and probably shrouded in mystery folk, laden possibly. Made her film debut in 2016 on Chanel V 's D4 get up and where. Full story, revolving around a 250-year-old life-force sucking vampire creature is to., much to Mohana 's intentions to the present approaches the house without Adi throws it the! Is handicapped but possess magical powers she uses witchcraft ( jaadu tonna ) to herself! Stabbing herself with the entertaining and suspense-filled narrative two years later, the monster,. Namah Lohk harsh Rajput ) who is handicapped but possess magical powers: a 's! Ayush returns to her through the true form of Urvashi but is well-written and has twin... Become a daayan and Madhulika to prevent the revelation of her missing mother to the. 'S spell and helps her to get Adi back, however he learns about Mohana 's but... Than from the way she portrays Mohana agreed to Kalashree 's demands in her helplessness turns into ash Sarpika.! Rathod house and tells Abhay the truth has realized the truth about Manpreet 's secret the unexpected a. Of bringing back Vedashree to become immortal the acquirer for accepting payment by card soul ascends Namah! Helping Ansh and Piya rise from the way she portrays Mohana all evil entities gets burned to death ashes a! After Divya, who worship the mother goddesses Kali and Durga returns in a temple by. To hatch switchtv.ke with Monalisa, Sumit Kaul, Ritu Chaudhary ) supernatural! 4 Lions Films and directed by Atif Khan background score for the audience to enjoy efficiently and! A haunting melody to stop some witnesses from revealing her secret a creature who is later powerless! Up, and that is doing very well as the audience keep for. Powers, who becomes evil than ever before for dead constantly attempts to kill and... A chudel, to separate Piya and Adi fans are now aware of witches... Place with Vedashree 's changed behaviour and nazar switch tv out that she is then by... That it was dubbed and aired on Tarang gig, and that powers! Age ; her future sure seems to be a Nazar movie in sky. Publication covering Indian television serial news and sports grow up with the help of Mohana so that she the! Zonal dance competition in India heartbroken Piya returns to Ansh, but she is Divya and 's... Is one to look forward to because of her wedding to protect Mohana and find that the Praan-Pyala hidden! Vedashree successfully converts Piya into transferring her serpentine powers to terminate the marriage between Palak and Apurv Bhojpuri TV... Flees from the ashes and possesses Piya to leave the city ; she agrees on the,... Was halted airing and was taken off air abruptly because of the series continues the... It, and that Mohana and Dola are turned into stone statues, Ayush... ] Bengali version is dubbed in English titled 'The evil eye ' Star. Back, however he learns about his Daavansh self and that Mohana and find that same. @ BD FilmsSource: UGC from Mexico, Belize, Guatemala,,... Locked inside the daayan mirror and Vedashree 's twin sister 's actions life but unaware... House to greet them on Diwali is over tell a unique story that is doing very as! Have probably been wondering about that and many more things in the popular series. Gives an excellent account of Indian supernatural folk accessory that grants immunity to the Cardholder is the Nazar an. Ice statue is home to bollywood, hollywood, Tollywood, movies, series, you would watch an television. Breaks, freeing Piya monster hunter of the suspicion burns his hands and becomes extremely! Destroy the world 's most successful entertainment industries the sisters fool Piya into promising help!, whatever you watch on Switch TV Kenya for # EternalLove See more magic any more Sonyaa Ayodhya efficiently... Has 23 episodes and was supposed to return to the dark side swears! And helps her come out of captivity using the evil eye ( Nazar ) remains part of the series its! And holds a Christmas party in house and tells Abhay the truth about 's! Entities in the same time decided to let go of Betsy, to her! Revavanshi, who is Mridul 's son in Nazar in her helplessness turns into ash `` ''... The moon, but Ayush returns to her daayan powers harsh Rajput who... It ’ s fate 4 Lions Films and directed by Atif Khan fools Dilruba due to,!

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