Replacement Glassware, Antiques, Clothes, Leathers, Kitchen, Bath & more. It comprises of seven practical storage containers of various sizes that are round in shape. Pyrex simply store 18Piece container set includes 1-cup round, 6-cup Rectangle, and 7-cup round, with two (2) each of 2-cup round, 4-cup round, and 3-Cup Rectangle. What’s better than airtight, leak-proof, built-to-last glass storage? The Pyrex Storage Plus 7 Piece Storage Container Set is designed for storing your food items such as snacks, pasta, chocolates, and more. Lids included for each dish. Glass Storage Containers with Lids (13-Pack) - Glass Food Storage Containers Airtight - Glass Containers with Lids - Glass Meal Prep Containers Glass Food Containers by Prep Naturals ... Pyrex 6-Piece Glass Food Storage Set with Lids (Glass, 12-Piece) 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,104. 1960’s American classic design that’s so timeless it hurts. Pyrex Simply Store Glass Rectangular and Round Food Container Set (18-Piece, BPA-free) Pyrex glass can be used for storage, baking, serving, cooking and microwaving. SHOP NOW. Features a stackable … FREE Shipping. for fuss-free cleaning. Prep plenty, cook ahead, rest assured. For perfectly steamed food, follow the directions below. 2 glass containers with Brow Pyrex containers can be used in the oven, which make them great for reheating leftovers, crisping small servings, or using in the air fryer or toaster oven. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe. This is fantastic for prepping snacks like sandwiches or fruit bowls to add to the week’s menu. The set is made from glass, which makes it strong and long-lasting. Vintage Pyrex Stackable Glass Container Twist on Plastic Lid . Pure Pyrex glass storage containers come in every size and can suit any need. Pure Pyrex glass or BPA-free Snapware plastic—choose your perfect storage. Both the Pyrex Simply Store Glass Food Container Set, 18 pc and Prep Naturals Glass Food Containers with Lids, 26 pc command a higher price because they are made out of glass. To ensure food cooks fully and evenly, cut into uniform pieces. © 2020 Corelle Brands LLC, All Rights Reserved. Pyrex® 4-Cup Round Glass Container with Blue Plastic Cover. Pyrex glass storage items are ideal for refrigerator and freezer storage or taking items on the go. The best glass container set. The official website Pyrex , makers of kitchen cookware and laboratory glassware. The Corelle family of brands has just what you’re looking for. Pure Pyrex glass or BPA-free Snapware plastic—choose your perfect storage. Cook & Go airtight containers can also save you space in your kitchen closet since they containers are stackable. N/A. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Add to Cart Showing 1 - 12 global.of 67 Results ... Pyrex Glass Food Storage Containers . From small and mighty to … If you prefer the lightweight and break the resistance of plastic, Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids ( available on Amazon ) are our top choice. ... Pyrex see and store glass container with yellow flat lid. Round Pyrex Glass Meal Prep Containers We love these round Pyrex glass meal prep containers for their low profile, making them perfect for snack-sized meals or small portions of leftovers. Food can be served in the glass vessel and stored by adding the lid. Snapware ® 6-piece Food Storage Container Set made with Pyrex Glass. Having the just-right-size one always in reach. Steamer Tray can be washed in the dishwasher, top rack only, or by hand in hot soapy water. The set is odor- and stain-resistant, dishwasher- and freezer-safe, and stackable, and the Brilliance line includes pantry food storage containers, as well. - Pyrex glass bakeware has been made - first by Corning Incorporated and now by World Kitchen - using the same soda lime composition and heat-strengthening process for more than 60 years. Plus, the pieces are stackable so they take up very little storage space. Shop for pyrex stackable glass containers online at Target. The Corelle family of brands has just what you’re looking for. Approx. Add to Cart Pyrex® Blue Lid for 4-cup Glass Food Storage Container. Pyrex company majors in professional glassware products for the kitchen, so it is not surprising that these 18 pieces set of glass food storage containers with lids will take an honored place in every kitchen.. Company Pyrex has been producing quality kitchenware for over 100 years, so the quality of Pyrex glass all the containers are made from can be hardly questioned. Transporting your lunch container has never been this easy! The OXO Tot Glass Baby Blocks Food Storage Containers is a four-container set designed mainly for babies and infants. Price: $100 from Amazon Buy It Amazon rating: 4.7 stars This BPA-free, leak-proof, airtight food storage set of 22 containers and lids is the largest set available at Amazon through the Rubbermaid Brilliance brand.

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