If you haven't been skating recently, we invite you to visit our newly renovated facility. The Axle Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lasker Rink will be operating under new guidelines. Skating Rinks. Whether you want to book a private event on a weekday or spend a few hours skating on the weekend, Keystone Roller Rink is the place to be. Call 607-426-2738 today if you want to hold a party at our roller rink. South of Irving Park were some small stores and a few restaurants where many of the Roller Rink Junkies hung out after closing time. See More. The Best Skating Floor Around! Were you there every weekend? Filter your search results by Speed Skating, Hockey, Roller Derby, Figure Skating, Support Bars Available, Skating Lessons, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Private Lessons, and Other Age-appropriate Activities. Quickly find Harlem NY Ice/Roller Skating Rinks. 111 Central Park N, New York, NY. Did you skate backwards and wear really cool pom-poms on your skates? Palatine, IL. As the voice of the roller skating industry, we strive to promote the success of our member skating centers, coaches, judges, future owners and affiliates by providing educational opportunities and professional resource tools while fostering the advancement of roller skating. Now, more than ever, we look forward to welcoming you back to the ice in Central Park to enjoy a safe skating experience, outdoors in the fresh air. Greenwich Village. The name was changed in 1928 to the Majestic Ballroom and again, in 1936, to the Ambassador Dance Hall. 30. We're open every Friday and Saturday for free skates, and we host private events during the week. 0 reviews. The Axle Roller Rink / 3 Chicagoland locations (1974-1985) Riley's Tricks & Gifts / Various Chicagoland area locations (1937-2014) Fleetwing Farm Tubing Hill / 2700 W. Central Rd. 14 Washington Pl, Apt 11F, New York, NY. “The roller skating was so fun, ... “ Great outdoor ice skating rink ... Harlem. of the New York City skating community. The HUB was a giant in the roller rink world, and it was the home of … From 1939 until 1952, the hall was also used as a roller-skating rink and known as the Ambassador Roller Rink. Roller Skating has always been, and continues to be, a great source of family recreation and aerobic exercise!!! Did you dance on the cool lighted dance floor with the disco ball to the music of the juke box? See More. - Did you wait in that really long line to get in the door when it opened? 31. Harlem Outdoor Theater, and across the street the State Police HQ. N Y City of Two young men were killed and a teen-age girl was wounded early yesterday morning when two men opened fire outside a roller-skating rink in Harlem, the police said. THE AXLE( HUB) ROLLER RINK - HARLEM AVENUE has 3,069 members. It is located just outside Chicago's city limits. Welcome to the website for Roller Rink in Chicago. Hub Roller Rink, 4510 North Harlem, Chicago, Illinois (Norridge) • Operator: William A. Benson & Charles A. Bender [1] • Manager: Madalen Riedler [1] • Pro/Coach: Tony Miller [1], Virgl Sandidge RIP [2] • Organist: Leon Berry RIP [1] • Floor size: 96' x 265' Maple [1] • Opened: October 25, 1950 [4] - 1974 [3]. Lezly Skate School.

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