After learning that the egg of the Dragon Prince had been stolen and not destroyed, she chose to spare Ezran and take him with her to Xadia in order to prove that not all humans are bad. To him, seeing things from their point of … This is a decent backstory, but it is very generic and portrays humans and elves as equally biased, which I don’t mind because it is a little more realistic than the “humans evil, magic good” we often see. After using his gift to help Claudia, Ezran makes an important decision about the quest. The plot was generic, and the characters weren’t drawing me in, but some of the jokes were good, and I recognized the voice of “. The two are practically inseperable, as Ezran usually carries Bait around in his arms and allows him to speel on top of him or in his arms. His innocence and kind heart sometimes make him slightly naive to the danger of the raging war around him. They would generally spend a lot of time together during his early childhood, in which she would make sure he would always get plenty to eat, especially if he missed a decent breakfast. “The Dragon Prince” is a Netflix original animated series that stars Ezran and Callum, the young prince and older step-prince in the kingdom of Katolis. Ezran is the crown prince of Katolis and heir to King Harrow’s throne. Ellis and Ava were Team Zym's travel companions for a short time. Ezran The Dragon Prince GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking to be original, and let’s face it, anything with elves after Lord of the Rings and its many derivatives will seem unoriginal, but TDP gives us a diverse and unique set of characters here as well. She assured him that nobody would think less of him, though respected when he decided to take up the mantle of leadership himself. Ezran later was devastated by Claudia's willingness to capture and use magical creatures like Zym for her spells, as well as when she betrayed him and his friends after he had trusted her. [5] Ezran's ability to communicate with animals allows him to understand Bait and talk to him like a normal person. There are so many good cartoons to watch right now, and you don’t need to watch this one. I find it ironic you say this where you felt the writing took a dive. Both Sarai and Amaya were capable enough to take on a magma titan fairly successfully. If you refer to the writing mid-season 2 as falling off being the episodes that offered necessary back story, it didn’t fall off so much as provide context. At first, Ezran saw Corvus as a potential enemy for attacking Rayla, but upon proving that he was a loyal soldier and loyal to his king, the two grew close. Add the water & cook on medium-low, using a potato masher to mash the fruit & bring out the juices. If you were truly focused solely on watching the shows, and not getting distracted, you would have noticed Ezran’s ability to communicate with animals began in the first 2 episodes, with the egg (wanting it’s mother) and Bait. I quickly discovered “The Dragon Prince” was not “The Two Princes”, the show that I had heard advertised and believed I was watching at first and was disappointed when I realized how straight the show was, but I watched on. So, even if you have more time than ever to watch TV right now, use that time wisely and watch shows that are worth watching. [15] When Phoe-Phoe was unable to travel further from the nexus, Ezran thanked the Moon Phoenix and allowed her to return to Lujanne. It was strange and largely unexplained, and I had to pause the show and run it back to make sure I wasn’t missing a major plotline. And it was decent. Unfortunately, Kasef favored revenge over peace, and like Viren, he believed Ezran unfit to rule, considering him a child that could not make strong choices. From shop Kiasherria. [2], Ezran showed great concern for Callum while he was under the negative effects of using dark magic. Ezran was unaware that he had sent for his children to hunt him down and eliminate him, so he could take over the kingdom. The two share their love for animals. [4], Harrow was Ezran's father and the only remaining parental figure in his life. When he was told Moonshadow Elves were coming to kill his father, Ezran refused to believe so and hid himself away. [3] When he disovered Rayla and Callum to be in a relationship during the climb of the Storm Spire, he was at first extremely surprised, but ended up supporting their relationship regardless. [3] During an earlier childhood, Harrow would visit the Banther Lodge together with his sons, where they would go sledding and build snowmen in the winter. The point is this show is quite good, original, and offers more world building than many shows on the market, especially ones geared to a specific age range, which this is not. Harrow expressed in a letter to Callum that he strongly believed Ezran to be capable of forming a future free from war and prejudice for himself. “The Dragon Prince” should not be one of them. Rayla worries she's kept a … While in Katolis, Ezran wondered how his brother was doing on his journey and was eventually happy to be reunited with him. The two often share affectionate hugs and face licks from Azymondias' side. Callum is Ezran's older half-brother, who he loves a lot and gets along well with him even if they do not always agree on everything. Through this sincere admission of his culpability and guilt, he convinced the others that they could trust him, especially after Soren sweetened the offer with his knowledge of Viren's strategy. Callum is the son of queen Sarai, and an unknown father, and the older half-brother of Ezran. Ezran the crown prince of Katolis who can speak with animals and Pop! They took a big step back from “She-Ra” and “Kipo” here, so I’m now disappointed in Netflix again. Here are the best quotes from Book Two: Sky. Despite the generic plot, there are some things I liked. The Dragon Prince Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. It’s like this person didn’t even pay attention, and The Owl House is certainly more generic than The Dragon Prince. I also liked many side-characters, such as the 11-year-old queen, most sun-elves, the human baker, the blind pirate, and one illusion elf whose name is a pun. Especially considering there isn’t even half the episodes per season that Avatar received. Despite Ezran's plea for her to return to Lujanne, Phoe-Phoe was determined to complete her task and she was able to reunite Ezran and Bait with Callum, Rayla, and Zym. However, this feeling was fleeting and the two are back to being best friends. So, even if you have more time than ever to watch TV right now, use that time wisely and watch shows that are worth watching. Ezran, Callum, Rayla, and Zym are on their way to Xadia! When he discussed the burdens of his leadership with her, she suggested that to assign a regent, freeing him from his responsibilities of a king until he would come of age. It’s a tired premise that perpetuates unfair expectations on children. here, so I’m now disappointed in Netflix again. 5 out of 5 stars (29) 29 reviews $ 15.00. And for those of you who have watched it, have a jelly tart. The diversity is also NOT limited to a handful of characters, and is present among humans and elves, as Callum is half Asian, Ezran is half Black and half Asian, and then you have Corvus, Janai & her sister, Kazi, Lujanne, Amaya and Sarai, to name a few. Ezran VOICE Sasha Rojen. Once learning that a thunderstorm could forcibly hatch the egg and having Callum summon one, Azymondias came to life and immediately became fond of Ezran. After a fierce showdown with Rayla, Soren and Claudia argue about the best way to deal with the princes. These are good characters not ruined by overexposure and writing quality. Ezran. On the start of their journey, he was hesitant about trusting Rayla, as he suspected she would run away with the egg and that she was hiding something, but slowly developed a friendship to her after she saved him from drowning inside a frozen lake. Corvus did his best to locate Ezran and his brother, even trying to save them from Claudia and Soren. With bad writing quality and in-story issues, “, doesn’t have much to offer. It should be noted, however, that his younger brother Ezran comes before him in the line of succession as the Crown Prince of Katolis. A good show speaks to its viewers with it’s characters, arcs, and overall storyline, and it has a following because it does just that. There are so many good Netflix shows that have been canceled, like “. I don’t believe you not connecting with the show does not provide you grounds to claim it is generic, as your article doesn’t really prove your case. Although overhyped by some people, it is a really great show that is genuinely deserving of its accolades. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, Phoe-Phoe's sheer exhaustion from the long flight had taken its toll and she succumbed to her fatigue. The Dragon Prince Season 2 has been out for a little over a week, and I loved it! [13], Due to being King Harrow's closest friend, Viren used to be almost like an uncle to Ezran. [12] While Soren proved worthy of the act, Claudia continued to betray Ezran for the sake of not losing her family.[13]. Ezran is a compassionate boy and a pacifist. [12] Soren then switched his loyalty over to support Ezran, as he wished to fulfill his role as member of the Crownguard in serving his rightful king. Young crown prince Ezran heads back to Katolis to assume his place on the throne, while his stepbrother Callum and Moonshadow elf assassin … Stop writing that any boy and girl who are friends must automatically date. Four! Soren's loyalty to Ezran appears to reflect how their fathers' friendship has been stated to be in their younger years, with Soren serving Ezran with fierce loyalty and a degree of casual familiarity. [9] After the death of her sister Sarai, Amaya had promised herself to keep Ezran and his brother save at any cost.[10]. I have gotten over my anger (bring back “Santa Clarita Diet”, Netflix, I’m begging you) but am still confused about what fans see in this show. Comments Add a Comment. Many years before the story begins, humans started using dark magic and were cast out of the kingdom of Xadia, where the magical beings lived, forming their own land in the magic-less section of the world. For a short time period after Azymondias's birth, Bait was briefly neglected by Ezran to take care of the young dragonling, to which Bait responded with severe jealousy. TV Show: The Dragon Prince. Share to Reddit. Ezran loved his father as the only parental figure in his life and spent time with him whenever he had the chance. The Dragon Prince… Bait is Ezran's pet that had originally belonged to Harrow and eventually was gifted to Ezran at a young age. Just like his father, Ezran is very compassionate and pacifistic. The son of the deceased King Harrow, he is the current king of Katolis. Ezran was initially saddened by Phoe-Phoe's death, but after realizing that she was a Moon Phoenix and left behind a "ghost feather", he was thrilled that she would be reborn. No series … Watercolor The Dragon Prince Poster Prints - Set of 5 (8x10) Glossy Netflix Xadia Wall Art Decor - Callum - Claudia - Rayla - Runaan - Ezran This is a pack of 5 unframed 8x10 prints on glossy photo paper. Due to his outcast nature in his youth, Ezran tends to hang out with animals. 2. [8], Ezran has a close relationship with his aunt and even learned a bit of sign language from her. The writing is also very uneven and took a very sudden dive in the middle of season 2. RELATED: The Dragon Prince: 10 Questions We Still Have Going Into Season 4. Ezran (The Dragon Prince) Harrow (The Dragon Prince) Lujanne (The Dragon Prince) Sarai (The Dragon Prince) Interspecies Relationship (s) Interspecies Romance. T. thoawaydatrash. After discovering the egg of the Dragon Prince to still be alive, Ezran took it on himself to safely return it to Xadia and its mother, Zubeia, hoping to re-establish the peace between the warring nations. After meeting again at the Cursed Caldera, Ezran was happy to see him again and appreciated his help in assisting in their quest, but was unaware that Soren tried to kill him when pushing him down a zip-line under the pretense that they were having fun. And it was decent. For a time he didn't know of his father's death, but once hearing of about it, he wa… There are so many good cartoons to watch right now, and you don’t need to watch this one. [13], Opeli acted as adviser for Ezran after he had taken on his crown and strongly advised him to punish Viren's family harshly for their involvement with treason; a proposition that was eventually turned down. “Avatar” has excellent writing, phenomenal characters, a unique premise grounded in Eastern culture, and one of the best redemption arcs in fiction, cartoon or otherwise. Ezran became saddened that Soren betrayed them. I knew not to trust this review when you stated Lok was better than AtLA. Callum and Ezran's mother and aunt are some of the greatest warriors that Katolis had ever seen, with Sarai being good enough to soundly defeat her husband, who was no pushover either. Send an email to Most magic shown in The Dragon Prince involves either the six Primal Sources of magic or Dark Magic.Many magical creatures in the series have shown more unique varieties of magic, such as a soulfang serpent's ability to eat souls and Phoe-Phoe's ability to be reborn inside the moon nexus, but Ezran's powers may be the most unique of all. When a rogue dark mage causes the entire elven population to give birth to only females, drastic measures had to be taken. It was then that I discovered that people, I then realized that the show was so popular that it has been renewed for four more seasons. People are calling it the next “. When Claudia and Soren were brought before Ezran in chains for committing treason, he chose to spare them both, stating that they would not pay for the crimes of their father. Share to Pinterest. [17] Phoe-Phoe followed Lujanne's order of flying Ezran and Bait all the way to the Storm Spire, though she began to exhaust herself not long after they had crossed into Xadia. The two had an instant connection and Ezran was even able to tell Azymondias' name from just the noises of the dragon. Ezran would play with the two and they supported him while he tried to teach Zym how to fly. Callum originally did not believe in Ezran's ability to communicate with animals and had to apologize with to him with the dance after discovering that he was telling the truth. To Ezran, Zym is like a son, as he nurtured him the best way he could in order to be safe, peaceful, and happy with humans. They took a big step back from “. will have seven seasons to surprise me and become excellent in the upcoming seasons, but for right now, it is just the same generic piece of quest fiction that I’ve been unimpressed by dozens of times. It needed to do 2 things, 1) give proper attention to what is learned up to that point in the series to ensure viewers appreciate with deeper meaning what happens in season 3, and 2) provides deeper insight into character motivations. [12] After Ezran had been imprisoned, Corvus helped him in escaping the dungeon so he could travel to Xadia, then later joined his forces during the battle at the Storm Spire. “The Dragon Prince” should not be one of them. He has an amazing ability to befriend animals, and his best friend is his pet grumpy glow toad, Bait. “Infinity Train” is a good choice as well, whose future is up in the air right now, and it needs support. Ezran had no issues to befriend her, despite his claims that making friends with kids his own age is difficult. Unsatisfied with ruling the Sunfire elves, Qinric has established himself as king of all the elves and wreaked havoc on the land of Xadia, subjecting those who object to his rule (most of the citizens) to terror and attacks in hope that they will submit. “The Owl House” on network TV has my unprecedented support. “. She later joined his forces during the battle at the Storm Spire and pledged her loyalty to him once more after the war had been won. I then realized that the show was so popular that it has been renewed for four more seasons.

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