Tables may be single or double spaced; which ever produces the most clarity for the readers is the suggested spacing though it should be uniform throughout the document. If your document is already typed, choose Select All from the Edit menu. Under the Spacing section, locate the Line spacing: drop down box. The best guide on how to format your thesis is a combination of: Looking at previous theses in your discipline. Single-space or one-and-a-half space formatting for the body of your thesis is accepted only with prior approval of your thesis committee and graduate division. ... Line Spacing: 1.5 for text, single-spaced for quotations. ... Spacing: MLA requires that the entire thesis follow consistent spacing. Thesis Proposal Format . 6. The text of the thesis is double-spaced. General Recommendations Check a … Use the I.E.E.E. Thesis Formatting Guidelines. Title Page . with one extra space after each entry, or maximum 1.5 line spacing indented. Footnotes and bibliography or list of reference entries are separated by double-spacing. Quoted material of more than three lines is indented and single-spaced. The acknowledgments page is not listed in the TABLE OF CONTENTS. Single-space formatting … It is strongly suggested that you purchase the latest edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 3. The other spacing to be aware of is the line spacing in the table itself. The College of Graduate Studies accepts LaTeX formatting, but it must adhere to the Thesis Guidelines with regard to spacing, page numbers, etc. Bibliography or list of reference entries and data within large tables may be single-spaced. General Formatting. Areas not covered in this document or deviation from any of the specifications should be discussed with a Graduate School format editor. The title page includes the research title, student and supervisor’s name, along with the submission date. Cross-reference You are permitted to use cross-references within your thesis file. Search the UC Research Repository for your subject or department, and browse by issue date to get the most recent. 4. Format your references to be either single-spaced. The vertical spacing of the text must be the same as the rest of the thesis (1.5 or double space). 5. 2. Footnotes should be single spaced. If there are any questions regarding ... 1.8 Line Spacing, Font Size The thesis must either be one-and-one-half-spaced or double-spaced consistently throughout. Converting Your Thesis to PDF. Under the Format menu, select Paragraph. How to double space your document 1. heading. The format of the thesis proposal typically follows the below pattern. format; a thesis or dissertation is a final, completely edited, published document. Thesis Formatting Checklist, the Thesis Formatting PowerPoint, and the Title Page template are better prepared and have fewer formatting errors than students who do not. Asking your supervisor for recommendations on specific formatting and details. If you are just starting your document, please proceed to step 3. Number this page in lowercase roman numerals. LaTeX. Pressing two double space returns before and after the table will fulfill this. LINE SPACING: Normally theses are formatted double-spaced. 2.5 Preface A preface is optional. MLA Format: All academic sections of the project should follow MLA style. Students should use these guidelines, not other style manuals, as the final authority on issues of format and style. template to help you conform to Thesis … Select the Indents and Spacing tab. Note, APA is not a suitable format for Engineering.

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