What was also interesting was there were positive results even for the community-dwelling seniors involved in the study – one in four of them improved from pre-frail to robust. What Golden Touch Fitness does is to develop a residential fitness service to facilitate comfortability of those who don’t feel at ease when it comes to gym trips. About IGym. Become a better singer in 30 days with these videos! She is able to resume walking to the coffee shop to meet with her friends. Self-confidence, social connections and autonomy are other equally important benefits. There is also 97-year-old Lau Soon Siang who had a fall that hurt her back and weakened her physically. Back She can now stand up for a longer period of time. It can reverse frailty, a clinical condition associated with poor health outcomes and higher hospitalisation costs. It is marked by weight loss, weakness (low grip strength), exhaustion, slow walking speed and low activity. Your email address will not be published. Ask The Expert Products Take for instance, 69-year-old Chin Nyok Chu. If selected, they receive strength training under the supervision of qualified Gym Tonic trainers and taught tips on good nutrition. ChannelnewsAsia – How charities are going digital VHero Apps, jointly developed by TOUCH Community Services and PulseSync and funded by the Care-At-Home grant, was featured in ChannelnewsAsia – “How Charities Are Going Digital” story. We are a health club who help you be the best you can be. Ageless Kids Humour Corner We deliver a full range of integrated services and programmes for our elders that include centre-based , community-based , home-based and residential-based services. Struggling with Gym tonic? “Strength training must be integral to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation strategies for the care of our seniors. TOUCH Community Services is a registered not-for-profit charity organization in Singapore, providing services to individuals from all religions and races, including children, youths, families, people with special and healthcare needs and the elderly. I am at Holland road area. It is undeniable that the strength of a community is determined by the participation of those within it. The sites are equipped with pneumatic gym equipment that gently builds the elderly’s core muscle groups. Lien Foundation isn’t stopping there – five more new community locations are being planned for next year. 12 Dec 2017 Exercise becomes potent medicine for the frail elderly in 12 eldercare facilities under Lien Foundation’s latest $2.2m Gym Tonic initiative. Exercise just the tonic to perk up seniors, Strength training programme the perfect tonic for seniors, Gentle workouts help frail seniors go from strength to strength, Gym workout serves as tonic for 97-year-old Toa Payoh resident, Gym Tonic introducing Exercise-As-Medicine concept in Singapore, Elder-friendly gym machines for active ageing, Lien Foundation rolls out new Finland-inspired exercise programme for seniors. However, after completing the Gym Tonic programme, Soon Siang has improved significantly, with improvement in her lower limbs’ muscle strength and better balance. Shared Ken Tan, managing director of PulseSync, the project architect behind Gym Tonic, “As we expand Gym Tonic beyond nursing homes and senior care facilities and into community locations, we see the gyms becoming friendly and welcoming places for social interaction as well as exercise. One group of seniors came from TOUCH Community Services, while the other came from Care Corner Singapore, joined by some seniors from the Bishan Community Club who were involved in the Gym Tonic programme, created in partnership with Lien Foundation. It has expanded to 25 locations, including four community sites like St Hilda’s Community Services and ActiveSG Gym @Our Tampines Hub, which are open to senior members of the public. Gym Tonic, a senior-friendly strength-training programme that reverses frailty, is extended to community-dwelling seniors. Welcome to The Gym and Tonic Club, a private members gym located at the stunning Battlers Green Farm, Radlett. Home tonic 2021-01-03T20:59:50+11:00 REGISTER NOW FOR A 6 WEEK PASS This Limited Time Only - 6 WEEK membership gives you unlimited and complete access to all facilities and classes. Montfort Senior Activity Centre (Marine Terrace) Seniors follow a customised strength training regime on state-of -the-art software enabled, air-powered gym machines. Using advanced equipment and software, more than 4,000 elderly at 26 eldercare facilities have become stronger. “Gym Tonic has shown that physical decline can be reversed with strength training. Your email address will not be published. Joining fees vary from centre to centre and range from less than S$10 to S$50 per month. With timely intervention, we can reduce the loss of functions experienced by seniors and lessen the growing strain on long-term care resources. Inspiring Figures Fitness centers, in particular, are facilities that require an intense focus on cleanliness. TOUCH Community Services (Ang Mo Kio Ave 10). The free trial has been oversubscribed, however, do submit your interest at www.gymtonic.sg/signup/ but there will now be a fee. Go now! Helplines, Faceup It’s a place where the elderly living in the community can come together, motivate each other to do simple, short and safe exercises regularly, and celebrate too, when they attain goals.”. Gym Tonic currently has 2,000 active users on its exercise programme at the 25 Gym Tonic sites. Frailty is a common clinical condition in older adults that carries an increased risk for poor health outcomes, including falls, hospitalisation, disability, institutionalisation and mortality. General Links Gym & Tonic Movement has been selected as one of our Most Popular Health and Fitness Services! Check out their stories. We provide a challenging, motivational and friendly environment, so that exercise no longer needs to be a struggle. Thanks Lee Yong for your comment. WHAT IS GYM TONIC? Two other locations that have already set up Gym Tonic will be open to the public too - Man Fut Tong-Hoe Yuen Hoe Senior Care Centre next year and Peacehaven Community Hub this year. Gym Tonic (GT) enables seniors to set personal goals – be it to walk further, regain muscle strength or lose weight – and then helps them achieve it. Sorry for the late response but you might need to call them directly and ask them. The Home and Community Care Program for Younger People provides funding for services which support frail older people, younger people with disabilities and their carers. Many of those on Gym Tonic have shared how they feel rejuvenated in their strength and spirits. Initially deployed in nursing homes and senior care centres, the strength training programme is now available in eight community locations. 2,081 were here. Exercise becomes potent medicine for the frail elderly in 12 eldercare facilities under Lien Foundation’s latest $2.2m Gym Tonic initiative. At iGym, we focus on anyone can workout at any point of their time without any excuses as we operate 24 hours. Her balance and muscle strength became poorer. Our community health offers a range of integrated care and wellness programmes in partnership with community and corporate partners. Among seniors in the community, around a quarter moved from being pre-frail back into robust health. It is estimated that close to half of community-dwelling elderly in Singapore is frail or pre-frail. Projectcare, © 2020 Agelessonline. They include ActiveSG Gym@Our Tampines Hub, Bishan Community Club, Care Corner Senior Activity Centre (62B Toa Payoh), Man Fut Tong – Ho Yuen Hoe Senior Care Centre, Methodist Welfare Services Senior Activity Centre (Fernvale), St Hilda’s Community Services, TOUCH Community Wellness Hub, and Peacehaven Community Club. Dementia Resources Singapore News - Residents in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 will now have their own gym and other facilities to help them get fit and healthy. “Early action to fight frailty in the elderly must be a priority for an ageing population like Singapore,” said Lee Poh Wah, CEO of Lien Foundation. What sets Gym Tonic apart is its singular focus on strength training, a crucial but often overlooked intervention to tackle sarcopenia*, hence a major approach to preventing disability and frailty in the elderly. Events She no longer needs a walking stick and walks more confidently. The new $1 million Touchpoint @ AMK 433 community … Makan With Seniors This evidence-based, strength training programme is specially designed for seniors and helps restore, maintain or improve physical functions. The Active Ageing Hub also offers a range of health and engagement programmes in partnership with various community partners including grassroots organisations, healthcare providers, as well as education and corporate organisations. As Singapore ages, a rising number of seniors will show signs of frailty, which could lead to increased risk of poor health outcomes. Ninety-seven-year-old Lau Soon Siang using the Gym Tonic at Care Corner. Health The joining fees are affordable and vary from centre to centre, ranging from less than S$10 to S$50 per month. Two other locations that have already set up Gym Tonic will also be open to the public — Man Fut Tong-Hoe Yuen Hoe Senior Care Centre next year and Peacehaven Commu-Strength training programme the perfect Tonic for seniors Reflections All Rights Reserved. With more than 4,000 users since 2015, the programme is available at 27 locations island-wide. By 2019, Gym Tonic will grow to more than 32 locations, targeting to benefit an estimated 4,500 seniors in the community, nursing homes and eldercare facilities. Two upcoming community sites, Bishan Community Club and Touch Community Services (Ang Mo Kio), will be operational next year. We develop and organise activities that promote active ageing, enhance self-care competencies in addition to Senior Day Care for the Elderly, Community Rehabilitation and Home Care Services. Sign In Set up a gym that’s custom-designed for you and take advantage of it for years to come! Clients can also enrol in the Gym Tonic programme. Legacy Project More than 1,400 community-dwelling seniors are expected to benefit from Gym Tonic. Our teams will take extra care to disinfect all high-touch areas including, training equipment, locker rooms, showers, and changing areas. By 2019, Gym Tonic will grow to more than 32 locations, targeting to benefit an estimated 4,500 seniors in the community, nursing homes and eldercare facilities. Please let me have the nearest location where I can join She can walk up to 1.5km at one go, twice as far as before. Caregiving Are you looking for the BariatricPal Store? Anyone who meets three or more of these five criteria is characterised by researchers and the medical community as “frail”. Portsmouth Interaction. St Luke’s ElderCare is committed to caring for our elders in the community through services provided at 23 senior care centres and homes of the elders. This means higher care needs and risk of isolation as well as increased healthcare expenses for this group. Ageless Online is an online magazine for seniors. On this page you will find information about local mental health and wellbeing groups in Portsmouth. They attend 30-minute sessions twice a week and it takes only three months to witness positive physical transformation, which is meticulously mapped with the help of software. Gym Tonic is an effective, evidence-based strength training programme that improves the functional abilities of the elderly. Read inspiring stories on other active agers and find information on health, finance & products to help seniors live healthier and happier. She had to use a walking stick and could not walk long distances. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Initially deployed in nursing homes and senior care centres, this “exercise as medicine” programme is now available in community gyms too. Community Services, which will open this year, and Touch Community Wellness Hub and Bishan Community Club next year. GoodLife! [email protected] 433, initiated and developed by TOUCH Community Services, is an accessible neighbourhood facility and a launch pad for residents to become resources to support ageing-in-place. ** Lien Foundation was inviting 300 community-dwelling seniors aged 65 years old and above, to try out Gym Tonic. Gym Tonic, a senior-friendly strength-training programme that reverses frailty, is extended to community-dwelling seniors. Our Gym. Bishan Community Club *age-related loss of muscle mass and strength. She has also lost weight, looks and feels better and has returned from a holiday in China. Time Traveller They are proof that it’s never too late to start.”. The 2017 study involved 396 seniors from nursing homes and senior care facilities. At home, she needed help to even open a can of food. Our Tampines Hub (Sport SG) When the elderly regain their strength and functional abilities, they experience more than just physical gains. A Lien Foundation study found that by putting seniors on a three-month prescribed exercise routine on these software-enabled gym machines designed to be gentle on seniors can help reverse physical frailty in the elderly. Those with none of these symptoms are considered “robust”. A 2017 study of GT users showed that that 41 per cent of frail seniors in nursing homes and 55 per cent in senior care centres improved to the pre-frail state after three months on the programme. Commercial Cleaning for Gyms & Fitness Centers. Tampines ActiveSG Gym, formerly known as Tampines ClubFITT Gym, is a public gym operated by Sport Singapore. I have e-mailed you directly on this. However, after 12 weeks of strength-training exercises, Nyok Chu has no more pain in her legs.

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