It’s a rollercoaster at the best of times, and now everything’s gone off the track. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Flicking is English knitting with one exception: you never let go of your grip on the working needle. It was minus 5 Celsius here in Haliburton. But you ARE right, she’s knitting one for a while, putting it down, then picking up the other one. I am very late to the reply party, and I bet you’ve already cast on, but if you haven’t, perhaps you’d like to consider the Kanagawa Mittens. Hi Stephanie… I have a question.. This post is so useful, I have looked all over the internet for it, thank you so much for sharing it. OMG! You’d need some yarn from your stash… The “Dobby Hat,” as I like to call it, is a lot of fun to knit, and was very well received. I’m crabby today because of a medical test that has left my throat feeling like sandpaper. With those colors? Recommends it for: people with too much time on their hands. Second dimension: How are your stitches mounted?, I think your hand spun yarn is lovely and would make a cozy Peeping Cowl by Joji Locatelli, Gee, Steph, though when you said they matched the couch that they were destined to be accent pillows! How you hold your yarn is just. A stitch has two legs so there are basically two stitch mount options. I thought Signal Hill were great too….and they have 4 colors…no rigging necessary. Even when everything is crappy. I completely agree, and I’m glad I’m not the only one! I love the grey too. Genius!! I need that book! Start your review of Knitting Rules! Ken: not weird arms. Ken’s sweater looks great so far! Required fields are marked *. Congratulations for battling up the arms and having this sweater nearly done. Thank you for the reminder that little things add up, in both directions. I count rows the same way and use the same method to keep track of matched/paired increases or decreases, for example, on sweater sleeves. I’ve wanted to take one of your classes for a while now. This knitting style is also done on straight needles. For me, sunshine and colours often feel over-bright and too busy. I have 6 rows to go on a shawl using some gorgeous Wellington Fibres 2-ply 60/40 mohair/wool in Chestnut. Square Shawl Recipe: Three Square Shawl Methods KNITTING RULES! Another is stitch orientation or stitch mount, that is, the position in which stitches sit on the needle. Shetland knitting (also known as Scottish knitting, the Old Style, or from the hip knitting) is very similar to lever knitting. I’d be catatonic were I you – or at least overly obsessed with my kid’s dealing with stuff. And confusing….but then, they’ve been friends for an awfully long time, so maybe not… =). In the Eastern mount the left leg of the stitch is in front of the needle and the right leg behind. Sharing knitting, yarn and her lumpy over spun spinning escapades. The 'yarn harlot' leads a knitting revolution. Great job on the sweater!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOL.....hold on a sec, I've gotta catch my breath over that knee slapper.....sheesh, I try to lay some goods ones on ya sometimes don't I? Good Lord! I mean, just look at your chair! Greta Cunningham. We’re all different and that’s a good thing… But that's not all! Especially when everything is crappy. For Western-style knitters it looks as if Eastern-stylers are knitting into the back loop of the stitch when, in fact, stitches are formed by working into the leading leg. Yarn Harlot October 15, 2019 / Though I’ve been reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog for years, I just recently got around to reading her book, Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter , which capitulated her in to knitting royalty. I've put together a short. The same method can also be found in the Balkans in Eastern Europe. That brings to me another reason for lever knitting - left leaning decrease is so much easier with this method and the English throwing method than with the Continental style where the yarn is in the left hand. There's another option... or two. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's humorous and poignant essays find humor in knitting an enormous afghan that requires a whopping 30 balls of wool, having a husband with size 13 feet who loves to wear hand-knit socks, and earns her "yarn harlot" title with her … To form a new stitch, you scoop the working yarn with the tip of the working needle. (Yes, the yarn purchase was in a little fit of pique after a bad moment/afternoon with my mom, but I’m not writing about her today. Feel what you feel, friend, it’s OK. (((virtual))). One Row Handspun Scarf Yarn Harlot 85 28531 11725. Shelves: knitting-books. And I’m glad today was a better day. For me, working from home is so draining. The Yarn Harlot's Bag of Knitting Tricks Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much Knitlit Too edited by Linda Roghaar and Molly Wolf. I use 2 sets of DPNs for sock knitting as well. Too soon to tell, since nothing is singing my name too loudly at the moment, but maybe I’m just not listening. I don’t know if anything on her site would suit your yarn, but they sure are pretty… When your stitches are on the needle with the right leg in front and left leg behind, that's the Western mount. This morning I went merrily out the door in just a sweater (and pants) to do a bit of garden prep. Join my mailing list and get new blog posts automatically in your email every Friday. She is without a doubt a Knitting Rock Star. They would need a bit of math to adjust gauge, perhaps, but Kirsten Kapur’s Kanagawa mittens might be just the ticket. Thanks for the giggle. As are you. In Portuguese knitting the working yarn is tensioned by wrapping it around the back of the neck or on the lapel with a Portuguese knitting pin. As this is the polar opposite to the Western mount, most Western-style knitters refer to this as the, But wait! (It's just located behind the needle.) That's what combination knitting is: combining both Western and Eastern stitch mounts. I look in daily to re-read old posts and comments. Thank you for posting frequently, Stephanie. I do my sleeves two at a time but on two circulars like the way I knit socks .. doesn’t picking up and putting down different sets of DPs waste time? Looks like some of your Cloisonee mittens to me! Especially if you pair them with a good solid cheerful color like red or purple. She has been knitting for over 20 years, knit blogging since 2007, and designing knitting patterns professionally since 2016. I just finished plying 7 skeins of yarn! Peace to your family. The lost dimension: Right- or left-handed knitting? Instead, you use the same hand to hold on to the needle while, simultaneously, flicking the working yarn around the needle tip using just the index finger. Through every difficult time when I look back it doesn’t seem as bad as it felt in the middle. Grey is the feeling of a cold breeze on my face when I’m rugged up and warm. Running markers!!

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