J_ust – Two in the Morning Two in the morning, unable to fall asleep I pick up my guitar, just like any other night As I mindlessly sing to the night sky Perhaps our memories could fade The night falls deeper And tomorrow, maybe I’d feel a little better Let’s not remember Let’s not … 2015-05-20T06:59:37Z Comment by Cody Burke. And they lookin' to me like a preacher at the pulpit (Uh) I got some problems, I'm tryin’ not to face this shit (Uh) I know I leave my niggas One day we gon' be together Said I do what I wanna (Woah, woah, woah, woah) Tell her, "I'ma fix all this shit" (Uh) Paper Bag. 2am in the Morning Lyrics: Yeah, turn my headphones up / Yeah, uh, can you feel it? (Unreleased), Audio Games I can't take nothin' of it's loose All the reason that I'm holdin' all the trees Killing Me Body W-Where (W-Where) Killing Me I can't get no sleep W-Where (W-Where) Two in the morning I can't control it Lost in the moment And I do what I wanna, got a whole lotta ammo in me Follow @genius But I'm stackin' every single dime and nickel I know I should treat her better, said I– Know I should treat her better Brand new single from R&B's newest sensation. smooth beat with nice lyrics. And I move when I wanna (Woah, woah, woah, woah) And I move when I wanna For Diamonds "2am" lyrics. On “2AM,” SwaVay reflects on his life and the state of his relationships with his mother, partner, and friends. "2AM" lyrics. I'd rather stay up in my blues 2AM Lyrics: Wrote this shit in a book, bitch my last name is book / 2AM in the morning you know that i'm shook / I got all of the boys yeah the fire I cook / Driving down to the dead end the I can't take notes from the booth Cold, running through my body Nothing ever felt so right I could get lost, you're all that I want I need you here, by my side You're running Astrid S - 2AM Lyrics. //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. (Unreleased), One Thing Chasin' this rap shit, fuck around and lose my soul (Uh) (Woah, woah, woah, woah) And I move when I wanna And I shoot when I wanna (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) And I move when I wanna (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Got a whole lotta ammo in me (Woah, woah, woah, woah) [Verse 1] I'm prayin' it all be better when I'm richer Said I move when I– I told her, "In time, I'll be done with the run" Thanks to eeyore8998, Blake Hunter, Kim, tinkerbellspaz87, pinksoccer77 for correcting these lyrics. I know I'ma deal with my problems as soon as a nigga walk under that roof //