That's the wolf boss if the only healer you have is barbara. Notes: tumblr decided to be an ass and won’t make me post it- hshsh- hopefully it’ll get posted now- anyways,, i’m sorry and i’m not sorry for making this hc- :pp this is longer than the dvalin one btw- hope ya’ll like this! Keqing DPS Build, combinaisons optimales et guide de configuration du meilleur équipement. Oceanid. … Hurts like heck and knock the player up, letting other hawk/ mobs attack you because of this cheaty attack. I wipe out on this fight like 2/3 times. “ A life-form created from condensed Hydro elements of incredible purity. Unlike elite enemies, once they have been defeated a Trounce Blossom will spawn in the area, and … Close. Where the heck is everyone getting all this Genshin news from? Posted by. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 670k members in the Genshin_Impact community. Okay. anotherdoof. Log In Sign Up. Fuck off with this boss is easy for you. Numerous problems I have with the boss itself, so i'll just go ahead and list them in … Log in or sign up to … Thousand Questions with Paimon est un nouvel événement de test, avec 10 questions à choix multiples. Wounds have healed, but the peace that should have fallen over the city of wind, Mondstadt, did not arrive... Its worded funny but I read it as you get one … too bad her e is unusable on the platform, More posts from the Genshin_Impact community. In this fight, you cannot attack the Oceanid directly. Jumping, sprinting, shields, nothing works... Edit: Also, the bubbles. Most BS field boss in this game, seriously, summons strong mobs, some fly, some heal rapidly outpacing your damage, there all super fast and do a ton of damage. 21.2k votes, 517 comments. General Dating Headcanons [Genshin Impact] Characters Included: (human) Oceanid Notes: tumblr decided to be an ass and won’t make me post it- hshsh- hopefully it’ll get posted now- anyways,, i’m sorry and i’m not sorry for making this hc- :pp this is longer than the dvalin one btw- hope ya’ll like this! Oceanid is a boss in Genshin Impact. I'm currently on World Level 4, struggles really hard vs Oceanid. HAHAHAHAHAHA I feel you bro. Oceanid in Genshin Impact Location . But no. 0. That’s everything you need to know about how to get a Cleansing Heart in Genshin Impact. Sitio web; Publicaciones relacionadas. The mobs getting more and more tankier to kill in one freeze cycle. 809 votes, 210 comments. characters: noya, asahi, tendo, atsumu (by request). As noted by others, the hawks are the worst. Oceanid is an example of terrible boss design and NEEDS to be removed, or at the very least heavily reworked . Sure, if you have the "right" character drawn from the impossible gachas and have them leveled up which is an unnecessarily huge grind (making leveled alts impossible) it may be easy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'll let the level 50 squirrels and hawks and bulls decimate my team completely due to them being unable to hit/heal too quick. What im seeing some people here say is get a healer. I started using Ningguang for this fight and it has made it much less annoying. How do I avoid that "Submerge" insta-yeet? Member. It's an "enrage" mechanic. 179 votes, 169 comments. Log In Sign Up. I had a lot of difficulty with it in my earlier world levels, where my only electro was Lisa who was geared as best as I could get her. I really want to bash on how stupid the design of this boss is, but I want this thread to be, at least, provide constructive criticism. WL6/Lv83 Oceanid single player run [Amber main] Guides & Tips. S’il s’est déjà répandu dans les profondeurs du lac, sa pureté reste la même. Make sure to have a healer in your group just in case you end up taking some hits from the spawns. Genshin Impact’s character leveling system is capped in stages, requiring players to “Ascend” their characters at a specific number in order to … I can beat him without getting hit. Dec 9, 2020 #5,861 Paimon can’t be evil that just wouldn’t make sense. Her Elemental Burst deals Geo Damage on a Claymore for double the construct damage and even at 10 below the boss level she can kill all his death pillars with 1 full normal combo each before he has the chance to regen.

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