Examples: Ah, that feels great! The sound of a drum in the distance attracted him. Rickerby touched an imaginary forelock. The dragon is an imaginary creature. (Just put us in attributions, it’ll make us happy). Here are some examples: 1. Conditional sentences are made of two clauses: one beginning with “if,” and one main clause. Examples of Imaginative in a sentence. These are the imaginary situations in the past that never really happened, and which you really wish happened. (adjective) But she doesn't have much money. 3. Well, what did she say? There are three types of conditional sentences. Here are some examples of imagery from each of the five senses: 1. Let’s have a look at some examples to understand if it is a real situation or just an imagination. Although the main characters in the novel are so true to life(sentencedict.com), they are, 27. 3. 2. In the diptych, although the portrait of Richard himself was a … These sentences are completely at your disposal. PsycholoGenie gives a definition and in-depth description of imaginary audience. Where is the if-clause (e.g. Sound: The concert was so loud that her ears rang for days afterward. Third conditionals are normally used when talking about an unreal past. In practising a form, the student is taught to defend himself against a series of imaginary opponents. 2. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " My son has a creative imagination. Sentences of type 0, consist of two clauses. 2. 3 rd conditional: I would never have met with her if I hadn’t gone to that party. One of them is the basic sentence and the other is the condition sentence. Watch out: Which type of conditional sentences is it? 9. Punctuating with Question mark. 2. If opportunity knocks, open the door. Listen for would and if. Sentencedict.com try its best to gather and make good sentences. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. Imaginary Sentences ... Let’s see the following examples of Imaginary sentences: अगर मैं एक पक्षी होता, तो मैं आकाश में उड़ जाता। If I were a bird, I would have flown in the sky. 23. Identifying Real and Imaginary Situations. 5. 3. An imaginary monster. My hero is a purely imaginary character. What does imaginary mean? 2. (artistic, literary, musical, poetic) " The human imagination is endless. The three most common types of conditional sentence are: The First Conditional: (if + present simple, ... will/won’t + infinitive) If it rains tomorrow, I’ll take an umbrella with me. With this guide we’ll try to cover the advanced concepts of real vs unreal conditional sentences. 250+6 sentence examples: 1. What? Learn the definition of imaginary and how to use it in a sentence. 13 examples: Although we have no direct evidence here hostile voices seem to act like a… 26. 2. (creative, vivid, great, active, wild) " She has such great artistic imagination. Let’s look at some examples: Let’s imagine a company. 3. I can get into enough trouble without people squeezing imaginary insults out of my words. (human) " He can't be creative with such a limited imagination. These types of sentences are used to express possible or imaginary situations. His paintings of imaginary landscapes and moody musicians have won awards. How he hated that imaginary man. Some people are having a discussion about the company and this problem of response times: If the company reduced its response times, they would have more customers. One of the most common symptoms of schizophrenia is hearing, 28. containing original and interesting ideas. Examples of how to use the word 'imaginary' in a sentence. at the beginning or at the end of the conditional sentence)? 4. 4. How to use imaginary in a sentence. 2. Definition of imaginary adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Below are two examples of conditional sentences: 2 nd conditional: if I had a magic wand, I would change some historical events. Real ethnic crimes have begun to replace. Assuring the patient that she has a real and not, 29. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. real and imaginary conditional sentences. 3. However, the beginning in imaginary time will not be a singularity. It speaks an imaginary language called Furbish but eventually learns English. An imaginary planet, playfully named by Truman Burbank . 7. (6) The least admissible value of p is that which makes the roots equal of this quadratic in µ, and then ICI s ec 0,, u= z - p (7) the roots would be imaginary for a value of p smaller than given by Cip 2 - 4 (c 2 -c i)c2C 2 u 2 =o, (8) p2 = 4 (c 2 -c l)cl C2. Here are 20 Sentences of Second Conditional Type 2, Second Conditional Examples; 1. The fragrance of spring flowers made her joyful. I’ll leave for home as soon as he shows up. … We must listen to their problems, real or, 21. My little daughter has an imaginary friend. If you intend to use interjections to express uncertainty or disbelief, it is more appropriate to use a question mark. 6. 4. Also, notice that both of the sentences talk about imaginary situations. The old man took the handful of dust, and sifted it through his fingers. The characteristic that distinguishes these types is time differences. 300+ Show Don’t Tell Examples for Sensory Imagery Now, we often find ourselves in the dilemma of how to show more and tell less, or at least maintain a balance between the two. Examples of imaginary audience in a sentence, how to use it. Touch: The tree bark was rough against her skin. 2. Smell: After eating the curry, his breath reeked of garlic. I wouldn’t be here if I had never met you. [from 16th c.], She was always resting from the fatigue of, It overlooks the real difficulty in the case, and seeks to remove an, The count was moving with deliberate steps, the, She said it slowly and in a singsong voice, as if she were measuring the words off to, The judge noticed that he was pale and dejected, and he suppressed a smile over the, It is healthier that people should know these facts, than that they should refer real sensations to an, He had even done better and had gone himself to reconnoitre these, She regained her tranquillity, staring with slowly returning, Like her neighbours, who lived from hand to mouth, she was given to dreaming of, By repeating the process, you are bound, in the end, to arrive at an, He did not, like most professed wits, study his sayings before, and arrange with his seeming opponent for an, It is not the actual growth of the mind, but the, Just as the shower was at its heaviest his assailant darted away again, side-stepped an, Alarmed, he left his office, and proceeded home, but the voices followed him, threatening punishment for, Katharine was once more irresistibly drawn to gaze upon an, Down in front!" 8. One day in his imaginary play, he is the cashier. 4. All conditionals use the word if, and often at the start of the sentence.. If Mary had time, she would visit her boyfriend. Examples of Imaginable in a sentence In the past, such a thing as spaceflight would not have been imaginable, but yet here we are, having visited the Moon. The present unreal conditional (also called conditional 2) is used to talk about what you would generally do in imaginary situations. | Imagination; fancy. Check it out! ... Unreal Conditional Sentences: Definition & Examples. But I don't own a car. He told a story about an imaginary land. If I were you, I would want to be a doctor. Examples of an imaginary in a sentence: 1. Third Conditionals. Imaginaries sentence examples His constructions are based on the idea that the imaginaries d - 1 represent a unit line, and its reverse, perpendicular to the line on which the real units 1 are measured. Perhaps they provide a service but customers usually have to wait a very long time to receive the service. Having existence only in the imagination; unreal. 4. All sorts of nonsense is imaginable, from trolls to aliens and little green goblins that live in dark caves. She struck a pose, one hand on her hip and the other waving an, 30. It is an imaginary history of the patriarchs and their descendants. (limited) Used with verbs: 5. An imaginary kingdom was shaped out. Taste: The familiar tang of his grandmother’s cranberry sauce reminded him of his youth. Assuring the patient that she has a real and not. You can use them in your writing as they are. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. If I knew the answer, I would tell it to you. Conditional sentences are one of the trickier parts of English grammar: there are 5 types of conditional sentences, and you need to be able to use and identify all of them.As a rule, conditional sentences in English consist of two parts – the main part and the if part (or the conditional part).. Examples of imaginary in a sentence: 1. Imaginary definition is - existing only in imagination : lacking factual reality. Conditional sentences. Conditional sentences are sometimes confusing for learners of English as a second language. 3. An In-depth Understanding of Imaginary Audience With Apt Examples. Existing only in the imagination. Each writer writes to improve and weave the stories for the world to get lost into and come out as if it lived them. You can’t be shy if you want to make friends. Examples in a sentence: I’ll leave for home if he shows up right now. 3. 9. As she listened, she played an imaginary piano on her knees. Its provisions, real and imaginary, formed the standard towards which Englishmen must strive. Short Examples of Imagery. The word "imaginary" in a example sentences. 6. If you love me, let me go! Examples include: Examples: If I owned a car, I would drive to work. Some troubles are imaginary, but the suffering they cause is real. Brinkley's imaginary star-parallaxes (Phil. 3. For each property she designed, she created an imaginary history. If I understood what the teacher said, I could tell you. We use imagery in everyday speech to convey our meaning. The starry night sky looked so beautiful that it begged him to linger, but he reluctantly left for home. How to connect 'imaginary' with other words to make correct English sentences.imaginary (adj): Something that is imaginary is created by and exists only in the mindUse 'imaginary' in a sentence The dragon is an imaginary creature. 3. 5. Definition of Imaginative. | (mathematics, of a number) Having no real part; that part of a complex number which is a multiple of the square root of -1. 3. She came in pretending to beat an imaginary horse, for the delectation of Meta. The order of the clauses can change. The characters in this book are purely, 10. Here are some examples. She would travel around the world if she had more money. One of the most common symptoms of schizophrenia is hearing, 5. 5 Examples of Conditional Sentences If clauses are conditional statements. If you’re one of them, bookmark this article that has over 300+ Show Don’t Tell Examples. In English we use conditional sentences (or “If” clauses) to talk about future possibilities, or hypothetical (imaginary) situations. Synonym Discussion of imaginary. What did you just say? This website focus on english words and example sentences, so … Though the term imaginary audience seems a bit eerie, it is a psychological state that is mostly seen in adolescents and is perfectly normal. In some cases, they are divided into type 0, type1, type2 and type3. 250+6 sentence examples: 1. Oh well, what’s done is done. shouted Tommy, in an imperative manner, to the, It is such a look as might belong to that, I was not willing to believe that a young miss like her intended to resort to such a desperate remedy as suicide for any real or, She looked at these affectionate preparations indulgently, as she might have looked at a child who assured her that a wholly, Radwalader carefully entered the mark in an, Haste Makes Waste in a sentence | Short example sentence for Haste makes waste[Class 1-5], Fricassee in a sentence | Short example sentence for fricassee[Class 1-5], Expansion Of in a sentence | Short example sentence for expansion of[Class 1-5], Centaur in a sentence | Short example sentence for centaur[Class 1-5], Fluff in a sentence | Short example sentence for fluff[Class 1-5], Officious in a sentence | Short example sentence for officious[Class 1-5], Amorous in a sentence | Short example sentence for amorous[Class 1-5], Oar in a sentence | Short example sentence for oar[Class 1-5], Strapping in a sentence | Short example sentence for strapping[Class 1-5], Formed in a sentence | Short example sentence for formed[Class 1-5], Stranger in a sentence | Short example sentence for stranger[Class 1-5], Encounters in a sentence | Short example sentence for encounters[Class 1-5], Sinister in a sentence | Short example sentence for sinister[Class 1-5], Revolves in a sentence | Short example sentence for revolves[Class 1-5], Magical in a sentence | Short example sentence for magical[Class 1-5], Wherein in a sentence | Short example sentence for wherein[Class 1-5], Characters in a sentence | Short example sentence for characters[Class 1-5], Narrative in a sentence | Short example sentence for narrative[Class 1-5], Odd in a sentence | Short example sentence for odd[Class 1-5], Creature in a sentence | Short example sentence for creature[Class 1-5]. Aww, what a cute puppy; Boo, get off the stage! We must protect older people from harm, whether it is real or, 3. If she weren’t ill, she would go to the school. Sight: The sunset was the most gorgeous they’d ever seen; the clouds were edged with pink and gold. Consequently, in the transition epoch, the ca 1. Um… Do you really think so ?. He became convinced that his illness was purely, 22. My imaginary poor had all been innocent and grateful. Examples: Huh? When you’re listening or reading in English and the word if appears, there’s a strong chance that it’s a conditional sentence.. Next, listen or look for the word would. Every applicant knew that the new job of instructional designer would require an imaginative mind in order to create such motivating lessons for middle schoolers.

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