Sometimes I can’t see … My mother’s advice echo verse one of the African American Spiritual, There is a Balm in Gilead: “Sometimes I feel discouraged And think my work’s in vain, But then the Holy Spirit Revives my Soul again.” Clearly my mother received the Gift of Wisdom from the Holy Spirit and tried passing it on to me. [applause] Yes, sometimes I feel discouraged and feel my work’s in vain. "There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole. … Most people take … When we feel discouraged we want comfort, which is right to feel. When I’m discouraged, I write down all the things that feel too hard. Oct 29, 2016 - Baptist Hymnal 2008 119. I feel discouraged. you can tell the love of Jesus I get a little discouraged sometimes. Yes, sometimes I’m discouraged. True Colors. Yes, sometimes I’m discouraged. It doesn’t take much to let your hands drop – a word or a look is often enough. I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking and a grateful attitude. When this happens discouragement simply becomes sinful indulgence in unbelief, no different than indulging in lust or anger or other sins of unbelief. Sometimes I feel discouraged. I never get any kind of mail, I am pretty bored right now, I figured they were super bored in there so I decided in the beginning to write about 5 different guys at once. Setbacks are an inevitable part of life. Sometimes I feel discouraged I pray. We don’t need to be “more” of anything to start to become the person God intended us to become. (Refrain) 2. What’s really interesting about this hymn is that you could completely switch this around for a much different feel. I’m a Christian. I pray. But the comforts we often turn to are ways to avoid our fears rather than ways to muster our courage to face and overcome them. And sometimes I just feel pretty discouraged, honestly. How would we feel. My answer for every major problem in life. 1. There is one verse found in some hymnals and not others: “Don’t ever feel discouraged, for Jesus is your friend, and if you lack for knowledge He’ll not refuse to lend.” This verse is most applicable when the song functions as a call to witness for Christ no matter how unqualified we may feel. We all feel discouraged from time to time. to heal the sinsick soul. If you pull back on the refrain with just the soloist singing, it becomes a comforting message to the weary masses singing the verses. So here's a final handprint Just so you can recall Exactly how my fingers looked When i was very small. The discouragement of 10 among the 12 spies, when spying Canaan, resulted in God forbidding them to enter Cannan except Joshua and Caleb. Journaling. When we feel discouraged we want comfort, which is right to feel. Sometimes I feel discouraged - New Songs of Inspiration Book Five #d180. Sometimes I feel discouraged - 41 [UK] 1998. We sing this song with that assurance: no matter our hardships or supposed shortcomings, Jesus loves us enough to take our suffering upon Himself. Ad revenue helps keep us running. I like to think about my two grandchildren – … Sometimes I feel discouraged, and think my life in vain. I have no idea what I'm doing sometimes. Nope. Display Title: Hide Thou Me First Line: Sometimes I feel discouraged, and think my life in vain Tune Title: [Sometimes I feel discouraged, and think my life in vain] Author: L. R. Tolbert Date: 1957. There is a balm in Gilead Yet sometimes my spirit is low. Maybe a tiny bit got through. Feel what it would feel like if the image came into reality. Sometimes we feel discouraged, … Discouragement about good things is a weed that grows without being sown.

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