Tamdhu Batch Strength Batch 2 £ 52.50 (incl. Very nice. Meaty and herbal. Tamdhu Batch Strength 005. Tamdhu ‘Batch Strength’ (58.5%, OB, Batch 2, 2015) - Angus - 050817 Tamdhu ‘Dalbeallie Dram’ (62.1%, OB for Speyside Whisky Festival, sherry, 1000 bottles) - by Angus - 130419 Tamdhu 8 yo (70° proof, OB, 1970’s) - 150108 Tamdhu 50. Matured exclusively in hand-selected sherry oak casks, Batch Strength 002 at 58.5% ABV continues to capture the complex richness and intensity of sherry cask-matured whisky. Ian Macleod Distillers revived Tamdhu, and their pledge to bring Rosebank back to life excites us to rediscover more top-quality whisky with a distinct identity. I’m not sure I’d ever buy this as it’s $25 more than A’Bunadh and $35 more then Glenfarclas 105 (I think) in Ontario. Distribution of ratings for this: brand user, Tamdhu Batch # 002 has received a lot of favourable attention since its release. This batch was finished entirely in sherry casks, and boy, does it show in color, nose and an explosion of flavor. Region: Speyside Distillery: Tamdhu Age/Name: Batch Strength (Batch 2) Size: 70cl Strength: 58.5% ABV Bottled By: Distiller Chill-Filtered: No ---tab:Tasting Notes--- Large aromas of orange and marmalade. Single Cask Distillery Managers Edition. That's a promise. This has become a favorite for me, I completely agree with your scoring and notes. My only regret is that at this full cask strength, coupled with my refusal to add H2O (which for me, drastically dulls the sensual assault), I simply can't enjoy as much as I'd like to in one sitting without utter incapacitation. Magnificent bottle!! We are inventing the term Batch Strength to indicate that while we are diluting this from its full Cask Strength, that we have chosen a unique non-standardised, non-whole-integer and relatively high ABV at which to bottle the whisky." On the nose: Alcohol burn initially, but it calmed down with time, giving butterscotch, cloves, dried fruits, ginger and vanilla. Tamdhu Batch Strength - 58.5% Batch 2 Matured exclusively in hand-selected sherry oak casks, Batch Strength 002. Availability: Out of stock. The legal stuff: not providing your contact details may mean we have to delete your comments if another member of our community complains about them. Do yourself a favour and order one now. Rob reviews two Tamdhu single malts head to head. Score: 23.5/25 neat and with water, Finish: long finish, which moves a little toward bitter grape skins. The reviewed bottle has been open for 6 weeks at the time of the review notes and was 95% full, Two searches both revealed to me in Tamdhu's own postings that "Batch Strength" means no more nor less than "bottling strength". It is bottled without chill-filtration or additional colours. I thank @Maddie for the reviewed samples. Classic sherry bomb on the nose, with stewed prunes, blackberry compote, melted chocolate and wood polish. The Tamdhu Batch Strength No.005 is a limited edition that has been created using different ages of whisky and only from ex-Oloroso sherry casks. Price: $78 Regular, got it at $65 on sale. Here in NZ the Tamdhu BS is $95 and A'bunadh is $115. The tall bottle of Tamdhu resembles an Armagnac quality elegance. Batch 003 boasts a complex richness and deep intensity, and has been matured exclusively in hand-selected sherry oak casks. Pop your email address in below and we’ll let you know next time this product becomes available. Find out which is worth your money. I like the thicker style. Their website blurb would lead us to believe it’s a Cask Strength offering, but it seems purposely fuzzy. Has anyone written to Tamdhu to ask for clarification regarding “Batch Strength”? The idea of these releases is to bring fans of this Speyside whisky an experience that's close to sampling straight from a cask in warehouse. NAS whisky that was aged in sherry casks, primarily first fill, and bottled at 58.5% ABV. A large proportion of the oak – both European and American – is … Single Cask Distillery Managers Edition. Sticky toffee pudding, christmas cake, honey. For me, along my scotch whiskey journey, I have arrived!! This second batch is bottled at 58.5% abv. This was the perfect bottle to get on the run up to christmas with its cartoonishly rich, supercharged spices. VAT) The Tamdhu Batch Strength honours and upholds the passion to make only the finest single malt. you have read, understood, and agree to our Privacy Policy. This is Batch 2 of their Batch Strength expression, matured solely in sherry casks (with a lot of first-fill) and is non-coloured and un-chlllfiltered. @OdysseusUnbound, oh I have no intention of going to the trouble of finding those references again, but BOTH of the postings I have read from Tamdhu explicitly state that Tamdhu Batch # 002 is NOT bottled at Cask Strength. A large proportion of the oak – both European and American – is first-fill. Truly - a chorus of pleasure. Original bottling 4.2 (14), 3 Tamdhu Batch Strength 002 - 58.5% - 0.7l . A near comparison in style would be The Balvenie's 17 yo Doublewood. The "Batch Strength" is in its second edition as of early 2017. View Thank you!We’ll let you know when this product is back in stock. Water added much improves the finish. Colour: Slightly darker amber. Vanilla and berry fruit begin proceedings, followed swiftly by sherry-oak spice and dried fruit lightened with a sharp citrus twang – all backed up by a … ABV: 58.5% Also it's aged purely in sherry, not just finished in it as a reviewer previously implied. Unsubscribe at any time. This is the 2nd batch of their "Batch Strength". Review: Tamdhu Batch Strength #2 Single Malt Whisky Christopher Null April 30, 2017 Tamdhu’s limited edition “batch strength” single malt whisky, an overproof bottling released in 2015, is back for a second round. Tamdhu Batch Strength - 58.8% - 0.7l . The Tamdhu Batch Strength Batch 001 was matured exclusively in American and European oak Sherry casks. Still, your review makes it clear that this whisky is one that must be tried. View and buy. Compare. Tamdhu Batch Strength No. Iain Whitecross SC. Please enter your details to make it easier for us to help you further. Tamdhu Batch Strength 002 is a big burly sherry bomb of a whisky and as you can see by the score above I think it’s great – and for about $99 after tax (in Los Angeles) it’s damn near a steal these days. Iain Whitecross SC. Tamdhu Batch Strength No. Go to shop Regal Whisky LTD. UK: London . The idea of these releases is to bring fans of this Speyside whisky an experience that's close to sampling straight from a cask in warehouse. Check out the other Tamdhu Batch Strength bottlings here! Perhaps most impressive is the natural color a deep mahogany stained amber. The Batch Strength 2 vs a Alberta exclusive 14 year old. Nose: Fruit and nut notes, sultanas, orange peel, apricot jam and sweet cereal. If you’ve had a dram of Batch Strength 001, 002 or 003 then you’ll have an inkling of what’s in store for you. A basketful of dark and crispy fruits with an abundance of cherries, red grapes and crispy red apples. Color: Ruby Red Copper. I would describe it as slightly lighter in style than Aberlour A'bunadh, Glendronach Cask Strength, Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured, or Glenfarclas 105. As well as scooping the coveted ‘World’s Best Single Cask, Single Malt Whisky’, Tamdhu also secured a ‘Category Winner’ commendation for its Edinburgh Airport Sherry Oak Single Cask, as well as two Gold commendations in the ‘Single Malt Scotch Speyside’ category for Batch Strength No. My first Tamdhu. Each batch is unique & varies slightly in style & strength. Finish: Pain au chocolat, redcurrants and lemon biscuits. As with the nose, this is excellent with water added. Tamdhu Batch Strength, Batch 2, 58.5%abv, NCF, NCA. Each batch in the series is distinctive and differs slightly in style and strength and is bottled un-chillfiltered.… Review and tasting notes for the Tamdhu Batch Strength Batch 001 Single Malt Whisky. Indeed...I smelled the cherries upon opening the bottle and releasing some into a traditional whisky tasting glass. Award winning. It says: "Thamdhu....I...am your Father".The makers "used The Force" (their knowledge) - and the ingredients and experience - did the rest...along with some time.I added New Zealand artesian water from the Southern Alps (yep...the ones you may have seen in "The Lord of the Rings"). Introducing the fourth edition of our multi award-winning Batch Strength Series. View and buy. I think I may have bought the aforementioned whiskies under the influence of my fellow Connosrs. The whisky is bottled un-chillfiltered at natural colour. I am a big fan of sherry finished Whiskies and this one has Christmas cake, rum raisin, orange, fruit and honey written all over it. Heavy whipped cream. I still regret passing on one of these at a Binny's clearance price of ... what was it? I am undone and overwhelmed. Rich natural colour and exclusively sherry cask matured intensity. I would describe it as slightly lighter in style than Aberlour A'bunadh, Glendronach Cask Strength, Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured, or Glenfarclas 105. Please click here for more details. Tamdhu Batch # 002 was matured exclusively in sherry casks and carries no age statement, Nose: sherry mostly, with a hint of barley; on the sweet side of the scale. Strong bready, doughy character as well. Copyright © 2021 Master of Malt. @OdysseusUnbound that's funny. 700ml . I am so happy that this old distillery is back up on its feet after a long hiatus, thus pricing this incredible, well-above-average whiskey at well-below- average prices. In other words there is no reason whatsoever to print those words on the bottle labels. As for the rest of the verbiage in those posts, they just dance around with many meaningless words. That information will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy As with the first batch, it is aged entirely in sherry casks and is bottled with no age statement. Tamdhu 28 Year Old - Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company), Tamdhu 11 Year Old 2007 (cask 6833) - Lady of the Glen (Hannah Whisky Merchants), Tamdhu 28 Year Old 1989 (cask 4126) - Mackillop's Choice, Tamdhu 28 Year Old (That Boutique-y Whisky Company), Tamdhu 20 Year Old 1999 (cask 13785) - Old Particular (Douglas Laing), Tamdhu 10 Year Old - Premier Barrel (Douglas Laing). Tamdhu Batch Strength 005. When I first saw that butt-ugly bottle, I was afraid that the contents would follow suit. @MadSingleMalt Ha ha yes I thought that as I typed it, but then I rather liked it, so it stayed, Tamdhu 15 Year Old (46% abv presentation). Palate: Orchard fruits and rich oak, more sultanas, Victoria sponge and Sherried peels. Browse rare and valuable whiskies and bid today. Like raw beef coated in thyme and oregano. Email address Please add a valid email address. Nose: Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut, cherry cake, sultanas, treacle toffee, some molasses and a hint of cola cubes. Also Read: Amrut Two Continents Single Malt Whisky. Tamdhu 15 Year Old. Tamdhu Batch Strength Batch No 2 The second batch of Tamdhu's Batch Strength is a high-strength bottling aged exclusively in sherry casks. Tamdhu Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky has unveiled the third edition of its multi award-winning Batch Strength series. Hmmm. Being a retired beekeeper - from New Zealand who lives in New Zealand - I have a somewhat slanted view that includes aged mead characteristics that embrace wild bush honeys. Aged entirely in sherry casks (predominantly first-fill) for an unstated amount of time, it is bottled at cask strength. Dalbeallie III. Without Tamdhu saying so openly I conclude that Tamdhu coined this nebulous and meaningless term to mean, roughly, "We tried the whisky and decided that this is the strength that we liked best, so we are bottling the BATCH at this STRENGTH. Those trained in "slotting" the smells, tastes and other sensory perceptions, do so from the mental toolboxes they carry from what they know and were taught....few mention THE WATER overtly...but I sense it there. sales tax. As for A'Bunadh, the current price in Canada ($95-$99 cad) outside of Alberta ($120) is a ticking time bomb and like the UK will see a big increase very soon. The nose offers rich cereal, caramel, and notes of grilled fruits. Tamdhu Batch Strength Though Tamdhu was able to get off the ground and running fairly quickly after opening their doors again in 2012, for the distillery had only been closed a few years prior and there were still stocks to make use of. Original bottling 4.5 (2) Tamdhu 10Y The 'Can Dhu Spirit' - 43% - 0.7l . Award-winning, sherry-matured single malt from Tamdhu, this is the fifth edition in the Speyside distillery's Batch Strength Series. When every single whisky in existence is bottled at Batch Strength, then the term has no meaning whatsoever...other than to be proudly obfuscatory, and to indulge in 'repetitious redundancy' . It includes the somewhat vague statement We think it’s the closest you’ll get to sampling a dram direct from the cask. Tamdhu Batch # 002 is adequately good neat, but rises to highly desirable with a couple of drops of water added. It is good to see that Tamdhu Batch # 002 isn't messed up by sulphur, though. Tamdhu Batch Strength (Batch 4) (70cl, 57.8%) Pop your email address in below and we’ll let you know next time this product becomes available. I would buy A'bunadh over Tamdhu Batch # 002 even at the same price. Bring it on. Comment: Tamdhu Batch # 002 is a solid choice in sherried malt. FOMO and all that. But, the honeyed character - like the Great Ring - "binds them together"An excellent dram that I am enjoying with an "Aroma De La Cuba" Corona cigar from Nicaragua. It's beautifully crafted bottle stands out and would look great on any whisky shelf. The colour is a coppery, reddish gold. Fantastic sherry Whisky! Score: 21.5/25 neat; 23/25 with water, Taste: excellent translation to the mouth with greater intensity of the flavour. The perfect Christmas drink! (although, in the case where you only give us your name and contact details in connection with a review, we will never use that information for any promotional or marketing purposes). Just so you know, we can't actually ship to, By clicking "Submit" you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to our, This product does not contain any notifiable allergens. Score: 21.5/25 neat; 23/25 with water added, Total Non-Sequential Score: 85 points neat; 88.5 points with water added, Comment: Tamdhu Batch # 002 is a solid choice in sherried malt. This is a beautiful delivery. But- to me- in a glass with enough local water to bring this cask strength down to about 52% - I get burnt orange marmalade of the most pleasant variety reminiscent of the glaze that comes off a well baked leg of ham that was festooned accordingly - with dried fruits into the mix; not forgetting the oak and sherry characteristics harmonising the chorus That "white pepper" is there right at the end - and, I am glad that is where it is.

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