The Chengdu native had previously introduced me to the popular People’s Park Heming teahouse, where an acrobatic tea master deftly poured kung-fu tea from a long spout, while shoe-shiners and ear-cleaners roamed among card-playing patrons. For thousands of years the Tea Horse Road was the most significant corridor connecting the ancient civilizations of Yunnan and Sichuan in Southwest China with Tibet and finally India. Also, Shibaoshan grotto female organ shrine above Shaxi town, Shuhe’s Ancient Tea Horse Road Museum outside Lijiang, and one of the best hikes in China, Tiger Leaping Gorge. Taking inspiration from Super Size Me documentary-maker Morgan Spurlock, who had told me about hatching a ‘really great, bad idea’ as we snuck into a McDonald’s restaurant more than a dozen years ago, my ‘great, bad idea’ was to pick and process some tea from the original tea-growing region in southwest China, and take the fermented and compressed tea along the ancient Tea Horse Road – the Southern Silk Route – via the eastern Tibetan Himalayas, to one of the oldest teahouses in China. Abstract: The Tea Horse Road (chamagudao 茶马古道) was a trade route mainly through Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet, that stretched across Bhutan and Sikkim, Nepal and India, and then reached Western Asia. This set of ancient … The Ancient Tea-Horse Road locally known as Chamagudao is a network of meandering caravan paths through the mountains of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan in Southwest China. Anhua Tea Horse Road, Anhua County: Hours, Address, Anhua Tea Horse Road Review: 4/5 1. I’m still baffled when the driver stops, points me towards a path in the mist, and taps out on his phone translator, ‘ancient tea gardens’. 3. LUX * STONE TOWN. Discover . You can get a coupon every time you make a purchase this month. I search the stone and wood labyrinth for two things vital for making the perfect brew: one pricey, the other priceless. This Southern Silk Route was a network of trails more than 1,850mi (3,000km) in length, from tropical Yunnan in the south, through Tibet and on to India and beyond. Discover . Best regards, Paolo Georgacopulo. When I arrive in the trade crossroads of Dali city, I am as bruised and as dehydrated as my bulky bag of tea thanks to the bumpy night drive over roads under construction. The Tea Horse Road had two main routes stemming from different major points of tea production (Pu'er in Yunnan and Ya'an in Sichuan) which converged before continuing through the mountains into Tibet. The ancient Tea Horse trade route (also known as the Southern Silk Road) is a sprawling web of millennia-old paths connecting Southeast Asia to southwest China and Tibet. In centuries past it took more than a week to get from from Lijiang to Shangri-la, via the Yangtze River crossing point at Shigu, but the road reduces the 124mi (200km) trip to less than four hours – and travel times will be halved when a new railway and highway is completed by 2021. Instead, the next day I decide to give away some of my tea fortune. The Tea and Horse Caravan Road of Southwest China, aka the " Silk Road of Southwest China" – but called Chamagudao in Chinese (cha-ma-gu-dao = Tea-Horse-Ancient-Road) – is an old trade route that stretched east to west and south to north across southwest China, including present-day Tibet (Tibet Autonomous Region), and down into Nepal and India (see the stylized map below). You will have heard of the historic Silk Road, the camel-train route linking the East and the West, where goods and ideas where exchanged between the 2nd and 14th centuries. At the heart of Benzilan, a sleepy town on a riverbank, LUX * Benzilan is a secon … Discover . During the Ming dynasty (1368A.D-1644A.D), the Tea-horse Trade Route via Kham officially formed, even though this trading route had existed since the early time of Song dynasty. The hot springs of Tengchong, Weishan (famous for its snacks), Nuodeng, and the merchant town of Xizhou near Dali. The map reveals that the road traversed a series of towering mountains, with rivers flowing in between from the south to the north. You will travel by public transport, trains, local taxis, on foot or whatever else we think of along the way. I am curious to know the veteran verdict on my grassy green, slightly bitter tea, so Wei pours them steaming tumblers. LUX * PEACH VALLEY. Qu Mao Hong, who was born in the 1940s, takes me up Lion Hill to see the remnants of the Tea Horse Road; the conglomerate stone worn down by shoes and hooves. History of the Tea & Horse Caravan Road. Tea-Horse Route » More Articles in History & Culture Tour. From an artesian aquifer, I fill two bottles with the glacial meltwater, wondering if Kublai Khan’s soldiers did the same in 1253, or if horsemen stopped here on their supply missions to Tibet and India during the Second Sino-Japanese War between 1937 to 1945. Contact us for full details. The more pictures you buy, the bigger discount you'll get. Thanks to this perilous passage, the fame and influence of Yunnan’s Pu’er tea spread far and wide. Can we eventually discuss the program via mail? “Bu cuo (not bad)!”. When should I come back? But I’m not exactly elated. While you can fly from Jinghong to Dali, Lijiang or Chengdu, the best way to experience the Tea Horse Road is overland, using day and overnight public buses.

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